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September 7, 2012

Cement Pedestal update

I'm joining The Dedicated house for
Make it Pretty Monday 

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Well as I showed you in my previous post the pedestals that we stained didn't come out to be 
the right color as planned.
We had the gal at Lowe's- that is pretty good about adusting colors- play around with adding come colorant.  She added some black and a 
reddish/brown. It got a bit grayer than we
expected but at that point we decided to 
go with it. 

I came out and Dan was brushing on the new 
color but it looked really blah.
I grabbed a paint brush (that had been badly abused and was all frayed out).  Since he already had one side painted I used the brush to stomp all over the surface which help reduce the solid look and to thin out.  Then for the other sides I randomly applied little dollops of the stain and then started stomping the finish 
rapidly. By the time I was finished on a side the
brush was fairly dry.  

 This cement stain is very loose and runny, 
not thick like paint.  
It turned out interesting.  
I think it looks like stone now!
 I'm going to give up on the idea of trying to come close to the fountain color.   This new version seems to pick up on the natural stone look that we have everywhere, which seems like a good enough way to go!

Now on to the other pieces- I hope they turn out well!
 I did break down and bought a mum plant...
Seeing a whole sea of them at the garden center was too much for me to resist!  I found the crate at a grain store where we get our bird seed from.  A local person is making them!  It will gray out as the years go by.  I think I'll leave it natural and let nature take it's course! I haven't finished decorating with it yet so this is
 all I'm showing!

 Have a great weekend!



  1. Your pedestals and planters look gorgeous Liz. So does your garden. Love the finish.

  2. That turned out great, Liz. It fits in beautifully with your outside area- Gorgeous- xo Diana

  3. Now what on earth possessed you to pick up that brush and mottle that surface? It couldn't have turned out better!!!!!! And dropping globs along the sides...it has the perfect cement look!!! How do you come up with this stuff??!???! Creativity is your middle name? :-) I really am impressed with the results!!!

  4. That mum would have come home with me too. Beautiful.

  5. Liz, great job on the pedestal! You've inspired me to try to stain two cement pots I have on the front "stoop". Love your new mum plant...great color.

  6. Liz, you did a fantastic job on the planters, they really look like concrete and blend in with their surrounding very well. Your garden area is lovely. I'm sure that must be a relaxing place to spend time.---------- Shannon

  7. Liz, I think your pedestal turned out great!
    I'm happy to be a new follower, Mary Alice

  8. Thanks for the nice comments you left about my glazed table! I love how your pedestals turned out. I'm your newest follower!

  9. I think your pedestals are lovely. You got right in there and got creative. It looks wonderful Liz. I love Mums...,perfect Fall color.

  10. Hi Liz,

    Your pedestal planter is gorgeous! I wouldn't worry about trying to match your fountain. Your burgundy mum is so pretty. I can't wait to decorate for autumn.

  11. Liz, it looks gorgeous! Your mums looks so pretty!

  12. Fabulous patio/courtyard! How did I miss this? Just saw this feature at Kathryn Ferguson's blog.

  13. What a great job on the pedestals, Liz! I just love your serene, beautiful yard.


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