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October 6, 2014

My Fall Deckorating

This year I decorated the deck a bit differently.
I brought up one of my garden benches from the back fountain area and decided to give it a try on the deck with my Fall Deck-orations.

 We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and got some corn stalks.   They're still pretty green but I bet in a week they'll look a lot more brown.  This bunch is stacked inside my big blue flowerpot that looks like a milk can.

 Summer picture of my blue pot

I finally got a bale of straw that I always like to include.  Makes me think of barn parties in the fall.  As you can see I staged some pumpkins and gourds around and this time I decided to make sort of a wrap around presentation that we can enjoy as we come out from the house onto the deck.  We travel through here all the time and I can see this from the kitchen table so it's been nice to be able to view it.  In the past I staged everything towards the steps to greet you as you come up as in "here" last year,  2012 "here" , 2011 "here" and my first year blogging 2010 "here"

 As you come up the steps you see this.

I put a little rustic lantern on there that looks cute at night.

I put another lantern over here on a stand and of course my flying pig mascot is there too!  We've had so much rain it's not good for these flowers.  I'm surprised the leaves haven't turned yellow because of it.  I was hoping for some sun to take pictures but no luck. 

Just to the side of the back door I added a few more pumpkins and another bunch of corn stalks.  No doubt the squirrels will be up here raiding the corn that's left on them.  I hope the raccoons don't come because they will make a big mess!

 The little welcome sign was from JoAnn's last year

I like the flat Cinderella pumpkins since they're cute for stacking!

So there you have it my Fall Deckorating!
You can see the trees in the background are starting to turn.  Can't wait to have some sunny days so we can enjoy the fall colors.  I'll take more pictures as the corn turns brown and the leaves change color even more! 

 Daytime and Nighttime

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  1. It's beautiful out there, Liz. Outside is my favorite place to decorate for the seasons. Love your pictures - day and night.

  2. Very pretty, Liz. Love the 'Welcome' vignette for its different heights, and especially, those stacked pumpkins! Day or night, your fall deck is inviting and warm.


  3. Liz your decorations in the deck look just fantastic, cozy and nothing short of spectacular!!!!

  4. Liz, your decorations are gorgeous!! Awesome!

  5. Whoa! That nighttime shot....fabulous! Dang, woman...you really put in the hours on this deck! It's looking A-1!

    You would think that living in Missouri where corn fields and fields of hay are in such abundance that I would decorate with corn stalks and large hay bales. Not once! What is the matter with me??!??! It looks so great, and I particularly like that yours is starting off green. I think that gives you time to enjoy the withering process.

    I hope to be able to head out this week in search of Cinderella pumpkins. Yours look terrific! The whole deck looks great, and I really like the addition of the bench!

  6. Liz, your deck looks lovely, all dressed for Fall. The bench is so pretty. Adding the straw and cornstalks really captures the essence of Fall. Happy Monday

  7. You did such a lovely job decorating the deck. I'll bet you just love to sit out there every change you get.
    ((HUGS)) Jo

  8. Your deck looks lovely and sings, "Happy Fall!" I'm really dragging my feet with the decorating this year (CA is suffering in the heat!) but you've inspired me to get started. Thanks. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  9. That looks really good, Liz. Love your bench on the porch and I like the ideas of the cornstalks in the milk can. That is a great idea. I still have to get cornstalks and pumpkins. I am so flipping far behind it will probably be Christmas before I get Fall finished up! lol xo Diana

  10. Hi Liz, LOVE your fall DECKorating!! You have created such an inspiring place to enjoy the fall days.
    Your eye for the details always inspires.
    Enjoy the week.

  11. I don't understand how the corn stalks are still green. This late in the season, our corn dried completely while planted and was harvested last month. I could have kicked myself for not grabbing a few stalks last year before harvest. (We had corn on our farm last year and soy beans this year.) Anyway, I love your deck-orating. Everything is so festive! The Cinderella pumpkins are my favorite, but I love the combination of all shapes and sizes. Your stool holding the Cinderella pumpkins is adorable, and perfect for your display. The lantern on the plant stand is such a nice touch, too. You are so creative, Liz. I have about 200 hay bales in the barn, but I'm too lazy to wagon it up to the house. Oh, well...maybe this weekend...except it looks like rain will be here - borrowing it from you for a while, I hope. We are so dry here in North Mississippi and need the rain very badly. Anyway, we have very few visitors and no "passersby", so I don't always "deck-orate" our porches. Thanks for sharing yours - it's stunning!


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