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October 3, 2014

Early Fall and Saying Good bye to my Magnolia

I walked around the yard and took a few snapshots of plants and scenery. 

We've had so much rain lately I haven't had to water anything.  These begonia's have shot out and have become quite huge.  There were several other plants in the pot but they've all died back.  

Nearby is my first fairy garden that is showing signs of fall

I've begun some emptying of pots preparing for the inevitable.

This one was full to the bottom with roots!

The hostas are dying back and so far the impatiens are still hanging in there!

The hosta hill is loosing color and it won't be long before this is all yellow

I didn't have the heart to pull this beautiful cordyline plant.  I wish I had room in the house to keep some of these plants going through the winter.  

The sedums are still blooming and as you can see the leaves are falling already too.

Still pretty

I will be cutting these back for the winter- they've gone wild!

Still putting off new blooms

The woods are starting to shift color

This is my sad looking Pinky Winky.  I guess I'm spoiled with the Limelights and Endless Summer Hydrangeas- this looks so sparse.

I don't know if the flowers will open finish opening up before the first frost hits.   I really think I should move it and make sure the soil is loaded with good organic matter.  

We've had so much rain this fungi popped up near the front island bed

The Black Eyed Susan's are all but done.   I've gotten lazy and haven't cut back some of the plants yet.  Well, we have had an awful lot of rain- it's raining again as I type this!

Saying goodbye to my old Magnolia
She's been sick all summer and I blamed it on the bad winter but we discovered why.  

 She's got a bad case of Heart Rot- a fungus disease.  We had trimmed off some lower branches to make lawn mowing easier several years ago.  I think we may have set up the poor tree for this fungi attack.  If I ever get another one I won't repeat that mistake!
Dan weed whipped a ring around the base so he can cut it as close to the ground as possible.  You can see the black rotting that is going on.

She was pretty badly diseased 

Dan cut it down in sections
I think she may have been with us for 15 years 

More signs of the disease

Sad day 

She was a beauty and I loved the smell of the flowers!

Fall is creeping in!



  1. Your gardens are so pretty you have quite the collection of plants. Saying good by to such a beautiful tree had to be hard thanks for the tour. I'm preparing my yard for the upcoming winter as well. fondly ~lynne~

  2. So sorry for your Magnolia but things happen sometimes. Your garden is still looking pretty. I hope you can overwinter your Cordyline.

  3. a beautiful autmnal garden
    sorry for the magnolia

  4. Your yard is gorgeous any time of year, Liz. That is so sad about losing your tree. It always hurts my heart to have to lose a tree....it just seems like they should live forever.
    Your hosta hill is so pretty in any season. I just love it.
    It is raining here, too....and cold....ugh- xo Diana

  5. Liz, Sorry you lost your tree, but everything else looks wonderful. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. I am sorry about your magnolia, especially as it was such a treat when in full health.

  7. Yes, Fall is here (too).
    Lots of work to do in the garden as there are so many leaves flying and since it isn't here yet and for sure lots of plagues take this chance to have a feast. But I still have roses and even Jasmine is still blooming here and there.
    I'm so sorry to read about your Magnolia. Mine is another specie (white and large flowers, scented too - but this year I didn't have any flowers. Do you know what might've happened?) and is always so sad to say goodbye to lovely things.
    Enjoy Fall Liz and thank you for sharing your (still) so gorgeous garden.

  8. Oh I am sorry to see your beautiful tree go....and your garden is still stunning in its fall colors.

  9. That potted begonia is gorgeous!
    Your poor little tree. :( It's so sad when things have to go like that. She had a happy life in your yard, I'm sure. :)

  10. Liz girl you have amazing gardens and plants .. I just looked over how you began with these gardens by getting rid of the pond etc ... all that work that you and your husband did is stunning ... to have that gorgeous fountain set up and know that you two did such hard work to get to that point .. you two are real troopers ! ... it is such a beautiful Eden you have created ... the woods give you such wonderful privacy and dampens the noise of life outside your little piece of heaven there.
    They are finally tearing down the old fence and putting the new 8 foot one up this week .. the noise is a bit jarring but I am so happy to have more privacy so I can sneak out and take pictures while I am in my neon night wear ? LOL
    Love that urn and all the vignettes you have created ... you have the magic touch !
    Joy : )
    PS .. I feel for you with that tree ... we will probably have to take out our old lilac next year ... sad, but they can only last so long.


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