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October 1, 2014

Candlestick Tea light/Votive Converters

Happy October 1st!
We recently visited a little town near our area called Manistee and went into this store called Surroundings.
 I had previously avoided going in there because the first word I saw was "Tobacco" in the window.  I truly hate smoking and my mind stopped on that word and I went no further.

So I read the sign again and the first word on the description of the store was actually candles then gifts, so I decided to give it a chance. 
 (no compensation just my desire to share here)
I copied this from their Facebook Page so I blurred the faces since I don't know the people in them, and no it's not the property brothers!  LOL
 As it turns out it was a cute little store loaded with multiple brands of candles and gift items There is a humidor room as well as a smoking room in the back.

 It's impressive to see all the cigars stacked up around this room almost like a wine cellar but that's as far as it goes with me. Cigars make me sick- always have. 

So to get to where I'm going for this post..... I found this pair of candlestick tea light/votive converters. I really didn't know what to call them, but after searching the web that's what I've come up with!

 They had a clearance price of $1.00 each- who could resist!
The little rubber gasket stabilizes them nicely in the candle holder and I loved that they have a hummingbird and flower design etched on them.

 I found these adorable little pear shaped mini candles that fit in them nicely so I grabbed them up.  Now I wish I had bought more, but that will be another trip! 

 I had seen these candlestick votive converters before but never gave them a 2nd thought. They are a nice way to still offer candlelight, but without the mess that a taper candle can cause.  

These even smell like pears!  I'm not going to burn them just yet.  My candlesticks already had a built in cup holder to contain drippings but these didn't look bad set down in there.

 Have you ever used these or saw them and wondered what they were for?  

I'm joining Ivy and Elephants for

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  1. I like those converters too. I hate dripped wax. Well, the cleaning up part. LOL!

  2. Hi Liz.

    I think Princess House had these years ago.
    There was another company I believe Home Interior Decorators.
    Both companies were home parties ( like Tupperware)
    I had some that I used in wall sconces with the rubber on the bottom.
    Linda C

  3. I also had some of these, sadly the rubber gasket gave way and at the time I couldn't figure out how to safely stabilize them. Those little pear candles are so very sweet and so pretty for fall decor!!!

  4. Hi Liz, looks like an interesting shop. Your candle votive holders are lovely. Yes, I have seen these before and have a few myself. They were offered years ago in the 70's from Home Interiors. Remember that home show company that did hostess shows with your invited guests. Anyway, I have a few from them when they showed how to use them with wall sconces. (my sister in law sold HI so you know I had to get a few items) LOL
    You would add these glass inserts to those or table candle holders. Love how you added these to your glass candle sticks. Looks amazing with those darling pear candles. Love those for fall. Your table is so pretty. When or if the rubber gasket wears out, you can use tape at the bottom to stabilize or wax inserts. Even a small rubber band will work.

    Have fun and Happy October!

  5. I used to have a set of those -but they did not have the etching like yours. Be careful if you light them because they get VERY hot.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those pear candles. You HAVE to go back and get more of them. lol xo Diana

  6. The candle holders that you found were indeed a "Home Interior" product! I have several of that pattern and quite a few others. They look lovely in your candlesticks and will work beautifully in any candelabra that you may own. I use the folding candelabra that came in brass or black with the "Milano" candle glasses.....the knob on the bottom is called the "peg".
    Your table d├ęcor is lovely!!!


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