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October 7, 2014

Topiary planters for Autumn

Last year my husband helped me create a topiary affect with my planters out front of the garage.   This is the link to last year's version and how we made it "here" 

Here is a picture of last year's version
 I used a very large pot of mums set down in the planter and filled the topiary top with a mix of pumpkins and gourds.

This year I went for a more rustic look and used some pine straw for a base in the planter and the basket.

Fallen leaves have filled in with the purple cordyline plant.  This cordyline plant was surrounded by bubble gum pink petunias all summer which I recently removed.  I decided to keep the plant for this fall arrangement.

I stuffed the basket with the pine needles and an 8" pumpkin.

Last year in October we went to Pennsylvania to see our Son and DIL and while visiting we went to a local garden center that sells a lot of garden and yard accents.  I bought a bale of this "pine straw" and we put it in a giant garbage bag to get it home.  It's been in the garage a whole year waiting for me to use it!  I have seen bloggers in the south post pictures of using this as mulch but they don't sell it around here so I grabbed one up!
Check out my post about going there "here" It was such a nice place- I wish I was there right now!

I'll show you my "blooper" of sorts...
This was my first vision...I got these green swan neck gourds but it ended up looking like a bird in the basket and just didn't look good so I got the pumpkins for it instead!  You'll notice the green gourds ended up on the deck with my last post.

 Same thing on the left side of the garage door

 When I did my post about my "Deckorating" it was cloudy but later on in the early evening the sun popped out so I dashed outside to capture some pictures.

The ash tree has already started letting go of it's leaves.  It's always the first to change.  The maples are starting to shift too.  I think we'll head north this weekend and catch some more fall colors.  I hope it won't be raining again!

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  1. It looks so good. How I love FALLing leaves. Beautiful:)

  2. Love your fall topiaries, especially with the purple cordyline and pine needles. There's a house around the corner with huge pine trees and the needles are all over the road. I need to get a shovel and scoop some up. What a neat idea to use them.

  3. I love your fall topiary planters, Liz! You've been really creative with these and given the rest of us some great ideas. :) I like the one you made last year, and this year's topiaries are pretty, too. I love to decorate for fall, and it's definitely time. I'm seeing and feeling it all around me.

    I hope you have a lovely week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. Just beautiful Liz. I love the statement your topiaries make on each side of the garage door. Perfect for the season. Your creativity is amazing and I am always inspired by your posts.

  5. I just love your creations....the topiaries look so beautiful flanking the garage doors!!!...

  6. So pretty, Liz! When I was growing up, my mom used pine needles for mulch all the time. Our neighbors had huge pine trees; and my dad would rake up some of the needles for mulch. Pine trees are prevalent there, so it's pretty common to see the beds mulched with pine needles.

  7. LOL- That DID look like a bird in a big nest, Liz. I like the pumpkin a lot better! It looks really great- it is clean and simple looking. Don't you love pine mulch?
    Hope you have a good night, Liz. xo Diana

  8. Love, love your topiaries! What a beautiful display of Fall!

  9. Beautiful job, Liz!! I love this idea, you can do so many things with it. I don't know which version I like best. Your husband did a good job making the top basket. Wonder if I could get mine to make something similar?? LOL Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Liz..these are gorgeous even if they were last years! You are so gifted!


  11. I love that! I need to remove the evergreens from my front door planters, but I'm waiting for the rains to come so I can plant them in the ground. Your pots are wonderful inspiration for me as I plan ahead for a new look. Yours are fun and beautiful!

  12. Liz, it's always fun to mix things up a little from year to year. Love the rustic feel with the pine straw! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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