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October 23, 2014

Last of the season!

Fall greetings! 

I went out this morning and snapped a bunch of pictures.   Everything is pretty much done and I need to finish up putting things away for the season.  We had so much rain for a couple of weeks that nothing got done outside.  We had a hard frost two nights ago- it got down to 25. Only a few flowering plants are still hanging in there.

These pretty hot pink hydrangeas have finally started to shift color and are done.  

I've go to fish out all the little fairy garden pieces and put them away, otherwise the heavy snow will ruin them all.

Looking down the garden path you can see the beautiful Japanese maple tree contrasting so beautifully with the yellows and rusty tones of fall.

Isn't this cute- the brilliant red leaves are sticking to the foxtail fern.  Some of them are so brilliant in color they don't look real but I assure you they are!

I'd love to bring these ferns in but seriously I don't have a good place to keep them growing.

The fountain is still running but…

barely since it's loaded with leaves.  This will be shut down this coming weekend when we begin the final clean up.

Up until a couple of days ago these begonias were still going strong…but alas they've succumbed to that hard frost.

This is another Japanese maple that is beautiful this year.  Some years are better than others!

This fairy garden is ready to rest too.

The ferns are all done and headed off for their winter nap.

We have an abundance of acorns this year.  I literally slipped on them and nearly fell as I walked down the little hill.

Making my way around the south side of the house another Japanese maple contrasts so nicely with the big blue spruce tree.  You can see that this area is primarily loaded with oak leaves.

Looking back the other direction- love seeing the sun shining through the trees and the leaves glowing. I sure wish it would last a lot longer!

The island still has some green plants.  I think the big spruce tree shields them.  

Near the garage you can see a mix of ash and maple leaves here.  They've filled my fall planter display up too!

Talk about hard core!  These  mini Black Eyed Susan's are still blooming!

So are these Foxgloves.  I had no idea they were such a sturdy plant!  The Autumn Joy Sedum still looks nice too!

The bird bath has a fine layer of ice still on it.  

Another fairy garden ready to sleep.  I cut and trimmed a lot of this away a few weeks ago.  It had gone wild and all the fairies and accents disappeared into the plants.

Some more diehards. 

Just three days ago- you can see the trees still had most of their leaves yet.

 I'm enjoying the daily view- taking pictures to remember!

How are you doing this fall?  All ready for the next season?


  1. Liz, Your yard looks like mine. I have to say, your Japanese maples are outstanding. Just beautiful. We had rain forever it seemed...but the last 3 days have been nice. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  2. Your Japanese maples are so beautiful. Mine are still very green & one is even a dark purple. Our hickories & dogwood have just started to turn, still a lot of green here.

  3. Even as your garden is fading and dying it is still beautiful, Liz. I suspect it because it has great bones. We have not had a really hard frost here yet- surprisingly. But then, it stays warmer by the water than it does inland...until it gets cold and then you can reverse that saying. lol

    Hope you had a great day. Fall is really looking beautiful there. xo Diana

  4. what beautiful automnal colours

  5. You seem to be in Autumn full power. Well, we returned to Spring last week and temperatures reached 86. Don't need to tell you that this sudden warming running havoc with the garden with me having to water the garden the last tuesday :(. Roses are still blooming like crazy. Orange trees have both fruit and new blooms. The trees that were already going bare decided to hang into the leaves just in case the Spring arrived to stay ahahah
    I resent Global Warming! It's not funny this way. I prefer yours. I want yours. But since I can't I appreciate you sharing this madness of leaves and brown tones in Nature.

    PS - Your garden is as magic in bare as it is in full bloom.

  6. Hi Liz, your garden is beautiful even though it is beginning to fade for the season. Love the colorful leaves scattered about. We are still rather warm here with temps in the upper 80's. It is very enjoyable but we do not see much color change here. Love your fairy garden and the garden path light there looks like a large street lamp. Your garden is always an inspiration.
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Your autumn colours are just stunning, especially the red Japanese maple in contrast with the yellow leaves, wonderful! I can imagine you can watch all day outside, I never get enough of this kind of pictures.
    Then the fairy gardens, on American blogs I see rather often fairy gardens, here in western Europe I've never seen a fairy garden, but I like them just half covered by fallen leaves, an autumn fairygarden is fun.

  8. It is coming, but not here yet. We haven't had a frost yet. Not much color. I don't like this time of year, garden wise, so much to do putting the porch away etc. Dreading the next season! But, it will come!

  9. It is still a treat to sit with you in your garden, though well wrapped up of course.

  10. Liz, even with the transitioning, your garden is still beautiful! Those Japanese maples are gorgeous! It is so nice to see the photos of your gardens, as the seasons change. You just have the magic touch!

  11. Your fall garden is just stunning! Beautiful red leaves, particularly on your Japanese maples. We haven't had a frost yet but maybe this weekend. I hope you are having a good week, and I thank you for sharing your lovely autumn garden, Liz! :)

  12. Stunning fall views in your garden. Amazing how resilient our plants can be...hard frost finally this weekend so all will be gone. Still have about 6 hrs of garden work to do and then it will be buttoned up until spring.

  13. Wow, frost already!? The colors you have are amazing. I have to go on a walk to see that much variation. I'd love to have a yard big enough for mature trees like that. So, so pretty.

  14. Liz,

    The autumn colors were so beautiful this year. I could just sit on your garden bench and savor all the beauty. So many pretty shades. We have already drained our fountain and cleaned the pond. We have raked once, but the rest of the leaves are now down. Hugs - Donna


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