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October 23, 2014

Crystal Skull Rockin Party!

Come join the party but beware of what you eat!! 
 Join the skullery gathering!

Many eyes are upon you!

Check out the menu- it was made especially for you!

 There are also some crispy treats and spiders!

Caramel corn oozing with chocolate...

and drizzled pumpkin flavored pretzels- but watch out for that witch!

She's got some strange ingredients she likes to include!

 Lots of dancing and cheer for All Hallows Eve- after all they only come out once a year!

Dining by candlelight will soon begin!

 How about some Bat Juice or a Swamp Sangria!

Evening falls- the candles are lit

Ahh...a black light special!

 Thanks to my trusty assistant we can see the real bones to this table!

Ooh what is that...

Spider venom?  No not that...



This party is gonna rock!

Keep alert you never know whose watching!

I will be joining
Between Naps on the Porch for

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  1. I LOVE your tablescape. You know how much I love Halloween, and this is perfect. It is SPOOKtacular. Love it all.

  2. This is so cool, Liz! You sure do know how to have a party!

  3. Liz,
    This is wonderful in every way. Love the spooky and haunting detail, and yes I'll take a sip of whatever
    brew is simmering in the cauldron!

  4. Wow, Liz, this is awesome! You have really worked hard at putting together an amazing Halloween tablescape and decor... I am very impressed! Love the skulls hanging from the chandelier! Your serving pieces are so cute, and the frame and menu sounds delightfully gruesome!! Wish I could come to this party!

  5. WOW! What a great Halloween tablescape! Looks like you really do it up for Halloween. I love the bird on the pretty chandy and that scary head in the cloche! What time's the party?

  6. A very scary party with creepy treats should entice all of the goblins, witches and creatures of the night.
    Love the black light effect! The chandy looks spooktacular all dressed with chains, birds and skulls. The table looks great with your creepy decor items.

  7. Ah, Liz, you've got it going with this table. Such fun and I particularly like your take on the menu. That was a sure way to generate chuckles and conversation around the table.

  8. Hi Liz, oh what fun your party is. I love your tablescape and all the spooky decor. The blacklight is the perfect touch. Great addition to your chandy with the skulls. You sure know how to put on a great party with the perfect tablescape.
    Have fun!!

  9. Oooooooo! So festively spooky!! Great job, Liz! This looks like it will be a great party!

  10. Good grief! What a scary post! You have set the mood for Halloween perfectly. That little head under the cloche is really freaky. The black light captures the mood just right.

  11. Holy crap!!!! This is cool!!! The black light really, really, REALLY looks cool!!! (Remember those days as a teenager with basement parties when the overhead lights would go off, the black light would come on, and the real fun would begin?!!)

    I LOVE what you did with the skulls in the chandelier! That's a really slick look! At first when I saw the chocolate caramel corn in the ghost dish, I thought it was little edible skulls! That just shows how your room design did a number on my brain!!!! :-)

    I love the head under the cloche!!!!!! SO spooky/funny!!! You did a GREAT job with this Halloween room!!!

  12. Pretty scary Liz! Loving the black light! That head under the cloche would make me run the other way. LOL What a fun party!

  13. This all looks great, Liz! I love how you dressed up your chandelier! That doll head under glass is so spooky. I would probably startle myself every time I went by it! : )

  14. Spooktacular! Liz, this one is over the top amazing. Black light touches and all! I don't think I've seen a scarier table. Well done!

  15. Yikes! This is spectacularly spooky! :-)

  16. What a fantabulous table! Every little detail is perfect! I adore your menu! Makes everyone get so excited about the food!
    That head under glass is quite the feature! That might even give me nightmares - reminds me of an old Alfred Hitchcock that I saw as a child - yikes!

  17. Love, love, love all of these details...especially the skull chandelier! Great table and party...

  18. Hold the bat juice, but I would love to dine on those cool haunted house plates! Over the top fabulous Liz, the skull chandy is too much! Love the pictures in the dark and all the spooky details! You have a ton of super cool Halloween accessories!! Next year I'm coming to your house for Halloween!!

  19. What a great Idea Liz! Another one I might steal ! Hahaha!


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