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October 16, 2014


I was thinking of a children's party when I began this Halloween tablescape. 

 Smiling Pumpkins

and funky creepy spiders!

Lots of fun colors and even a treat!

The centerpiece is a square cachepot that I set on a crystal candle holder. Square meets round so I used the Boo ribbon to blend them together.

I used a standard coffee filter, pressed it on the outside of the clay pot with my hands, then pushed it down on the inside to make a liner for the candy! I trimmed it a tad so the pumpkin would sit as tight to the top as possible.  There was room enough for some of those miniature candy packets and chocolate bars but I chose candy corn. 

Keeping the pumpkins plain so a child could draw their own faces on them.
The hats were actually a part of a garland made of hats that I cut apart.
 The black glittered ribbon kind of dressed them up!
I painted the clay pots white since they were too close in color to the orange.

Some fun straws in a lime green swirl glass goblet

The purple napkins added a nice pop of color!
I turned the plates that normally would look square on an angle just to be different!

Imagine some 8 to 10 year old kids sitting here having some fun and enjoying a pizza party, some punch and a little dessert on the night of Halloween and then off they go to trick or treat!!

Between Naps on the Porch
Tablescape Thursday

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  1. A garland made of witch's hats? Where do you find this CUTE stuff. Just darling. My grandkids would love it.

  2. What fun! Love the coffee filter idea! Gorgeous setting?

  3. How fun! I love those smiling pumpkins! That was a genius trick turning the square plates on the diagonal. I love your plate stack that way. What kid wouldn't love those candy cups? What a bonus to draw on them. This is such a great table - you're set for Halloween!

  4. Makes me wish for grandchildren -- again. :) Very cute and clever use of items to build a fun setting.

  5. love this table the colors are wonderful wish I had little ones to share this table with.What Fun Susie

  6. A very fun and colorful table. The happy faces on the pumpkin plates are so cute. A kid's dream, candy cups and all. Love the plate stack! I think adding purple with orange is a lovely contrast.

  7. Hi Liz, what a fun table for the kids and the bigger kids too. So many great ideas here and I love your layered plates and those darling pumpkins faces. The purple is a great contrast and the candy corn cups are a sweet addition. Love how you turned the square plates. I can see this being a great pizza party table before trick or treating!!

  8. So full of color and so much fun, Liz. My grandkids will definitely enjoy that...Christine

  9. Gorgeous dear Liz, such a fun table and those smiling pumpkin bowls are simply adorable, I know my grands would have loved them...and your Halloween table too!
    Have agreat weekend.

  10. I'm a big kid, so may I be at this table, too? It is so fun which makes it a real winner in my eyes.

  11. The first thing I saw in the way you had the napkin positioned on the pumpkin plates? To me it looked like a pumpkin girl with a super fancy hair bow!!! It's like her "Sunday-go-to-meeting" hat cocked to the side! I love it!

    I'm with Linda...this could be a big kid's table, too! There's nothing here stopping the "kid at heart" from loving it!

    I am SO gonna steal your idea for using the coffee filter as a liner!!! That makes so much sense!

    Fun idea to leave the pumpkin faces blank for kids to do their own artwork and take home as a favor!

  12. What a cute and festive tablesscape!! Love it!!
    Thanks so much for dropping by!!


  13. I'd love to sit there too. It is BOOtiful. xo

  14. So so cute! I LOVE the Boo ribbon, so smart the way you used it! Very happy Halloween table with just a touch of creepy with the spiders~


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