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September 4, 2012

Labor Day -Relax? Nah...

Earlier this summer we picked up some concrete stain and intended to give all my cement pieces a clean up and new color.  I have various landscape accents made of cement but purchased from different sources and different years.  
They all had their own color and we wanted them to look closer to the color of the fountain. 

So Dan got a bun on to try a couple of pieces and see how they'd turn out.  I chose these large pedestals.  They always had this funny white cast to them almost as though they had paint on them.  They did have a nice green patina that I liked but it had to be bleached off. 

Getting started

The stain is supposed to soak into the cement a bit but because these are at least 1- to 12 years old he warned me they wouldn't grab the color like fresh cement would.  Note the slight greenish cast in the color, which we wanted.

Interestingly enough when placed out where they go- they suddenly took on a more blue/green cast.  The color is called Graystone but we had hoped for a color 
closer to tones in the fountain.

We've decided to take the stain back to Lowe's and custom mix it to see if we can get it closer to what we wanted.   

 I think I should have gone with the color called New England Slate...it definitely didn't come out the way we hoped!  Darn!
Stay tuned...


  1. Such a great idea! I hope you can get it to the color of your liking. Your yard is gorgeous!!!


  2. Nice big project, Liz. Is it easy to wash off brushes? xo

  3. Wow- I think it looks good, Liz. Your yard is just beautiful. I think it is always hard to get the exact color you want. xo Diana

  4. I applaud you just for taking on such a project! There is NO WAY I would be out there doing that!!! I'm a lazy little thing, aren't I? :-) I hope the 2nd go-round gets the color you want!

  5. Wonderful project. The weather should be cooler too!
    It's difficult trying to select a color off a sample sheet.

  6. You'll get it figured out. I like the idea of renewing the cement to all match. Keep us updated!

  7. Hi Liz! You do have some great pieces and I'm sure you'll find the right color. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Labor Day is always a work day for us too. I just can't believe how beautiful your patio is!! I'll bet you never want summer to end, it is a paradise no matter what color the cement may be!


  9. It's going to be fabulous! Heck, it's already pretty beautiful! Thank you for the sweet visit and comment at The Dedicated House. It means the world. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2012/09/make-it-pretty-monday-week-13.html Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  10. I hate it when paint colors/stains don't turn out right. Love your nice large pedestal bases, though.


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