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March 26, 2013

Easter dinner early...

Happy Easter everyone!  Sunday was my birthday and our daughter surprised me with a weekend visit.  She made a delicious and super cute cake for me so I decided I to set a table for Easter since we aren't going to be together.  
We're heading down to see my Mom and sisters 
and she has other obligations
She knows I love lemon so she made me a lemon flavored cake (real lemons) and a blueberry butter cream frosting (real blueberry's too) and candied lemon pieces.

 Those lemons taste so good-sweet and tender! 

 I wanted to include it in my tablescape but the table is small so
I had to do this in two parts.

I was looking for inspiration for an Easter tablescape and it was 
delivered to my door!
This tablescape was designed after I received this beautiful floral arrangement from my son and his wife.   There is a gentle mix of orange, pinks and yellows and it fits in the room so well!

 While looking through my collection of Easter goodies I found some hand wrapped yarn eggs that my Mom gave me many years ago.  I decided they were the perfect element to tie all these colors together.

 I clustered some paper grass to set the eggs on which I felt lended to the relaxed organic look I wanted.

 I used the Napolean Bee flatware and a rattan charger to continue my theme.

 There are four patterns in the set of these dishes.

 The Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage dishes worked in perfectly too.  
They are a great accent dish.

 The pink Bordallo cabbage bowls had to be included with this Easter table and the Mikasa Italian Countryside dishes proved to be the best companion dinner plate.

My rabbit and egg theme have been strong this year.  These egg shaped salt and pepper shakers are carried along by the rabbit in this cute cart.

The bunnies are hanging around hoping for some greens to be tossed their way.  That little guy on the right thinks he's hiding!

 I adore all the different flowers, textures and color the florist incorporated here in this and I think it's beautifully arranged.  
And I have to tell you it smells wonderful! 

Love the artfully placed willow sticks...


Here's a little nostalgia for you...
My sister Jen (right), Sherry (behind)
and me (left) in 1963.
I  hope you have a beautiful and blessed Easter!  

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Dearest Heart.

    Your Tablescape is perfect and so joyfull.

    I find your children's gestures so endearing. Blessed their generous hearts. You raised and loved them well, Dear Lady!

    I love your plates. Your pink Bordello cabbage bowls are precious, and so perfect for this table. You might not know but they're in fact Bordalo as they're named after the Portuguese Artist Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro.

    Congratulations on the Tablescape created and many blessings for your new "anuity" ahahah.

    Happy and Blessed Easter!


  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I love your tablescape. It is just EGGcellent for the season. Love it all.

  3. Liz
    Your Easter tablescape is beautiful.
    Now if the waeather would just cooperate
    we would really feel like it was Spring.
    That cake looks so yummy and like it was
    a lot of work, but your daughter must think
    you're worth it!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful one. Your table is so pretty and the cake looks delicious. Of course, I love your Bordallo Pinheiro bowls and plates. :)
    Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Birthday to you Liz.

    That is incridible pretty picture. Nostalgia, indeed!

    Your bunny plates are to die for and I do really want to have a set LoL* if just I could grab them.

    Happy Easter,
    /CC girl at D´Box.

  6. Oh it is all so lovely, especially the pink cabbage bowls, now I am on a hunt for some.

  7. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape is so pretty for Easter and the cake looks delicious. Of course, I also love your Bordallo Pinheiro bowls and plates. Happy Birthday one more time sweet Liz.
    XXOO Diane

  8. LIZ!!!!!!!! Those bunny/veggie plates!!!!!! Oh, my gosh...they're perfect! They are absolutely perfect! They remind me of maybe something I read as a child or something like that...not really sure. But the instant I saw them, my heart just skipped a little beat. Those are THE best Easter plates! I love how the edge is not perfectly rounded, too. That adds to the whimsy! Your birthday flowers are so, so pretty...and make such a great centerpiece. You're right...whoever did this arrangement was having a really good day! :-) Now about these yarn eggs....I don't know if your Mom made them herself or bought them this way, but they are cute as they can be! They would be a perfect gift for someone who knits or crochets or for an Eastertime baby shower. So pretty! I hope you are still celebrating your birthday, young lady. Rock it out a few days more! You deserve it!!!

  9. What a pretty table! I love how the flowers just happened to arrive & compliment the whole thing! I have the same pink cabbage bowls & I love your bunny plates too.

    Happy Birthday! Your cake looked yummy!

  10. Liz~ Happy Belated Birthday! Your cake looks beautiful & delicious! How fun and timely that your centerpiece & table inspiration was delivered to your door! Love your layers of dishes and patterns! Adorable yarn eggs nesting in your cabbage bowls! Happy Easter!

  11. How wonderful it was to receive that scrumptious cake...how so very thoughtful...your table is gorgeous and the flowers sure did set the tone for the table...so glad you had a wonderful time...Happy Birthday and have a wonderful Easter...safe travels!

  12. What a beautiful tablescape! Happy belated birthday too! =)

  13. I love the pink cabbage bowls-I have the green ones but like the pink so much better for Easter!

  14. Oh this is gorgeous.. well the cake is scrumptious looking! blueberry frosting.. sounds delectable. The flowers are gorgeous. How lucky to have them as inspiration. Happy Happy belated birthday!!! Your bunny dishes are sooo pretty. Have a beautiful evening and a blessed Easter. xo marlis

  15. Your tablescape is absolutely stunning. I love the pink and green and your bunny dishes are fabulous. The cabbage dishes are so fun and perfect in this setting. Thanks for joining TTT and I hope you have a very Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

  16. What a truly special table, it's beautiful on the outside and oh so special because of the inside sentiments! All the elements combined, the flowers from your son, the handmade cake from your daughter and the yarn eggs from your mother...what a birthday present! Happy Birthday [belated!] I love those green and white bunny plates!

  17. Hope you had a wonderful day. I was out of the country for a week at my grands place and had a great time with them on that day just love the gathering of family members.


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