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March 10, 2013

Thumbs Up Kelsey

On January 29th, this beautiful young lady's life 
was nearly ended. 
On that fateful morning a fog had flooded the area and as she progressed her way into work she was clobbered by a pick-up truck that was traveling at such a speed that it tossed her vehicle like a toy causing it to roll several times and finally landing  next to a poll. 
Her broken and battered body was taken to the hospital where the doctors did not think she would live 15 minutes. 

As anyone knows the first hours and days are so important.  Each hour she lived and each day that went by gave hope that she was going to pull through.  She was kept in a medically induced coma for a long time and then gradually allowed to start coming out. 

Her major injuries included a broken neck, 4 fractures in her pelvic, internal bleeding, broken ribs, and she lost her spleen.  Traumatic brain injury resulting in major swelling occured, and the long term results are yet to be determined.  There were a host of other problems, but somehow she's been strong enough to keep on pulling through.  Many weeks in intensive care and various surgeries ensued. 

Approx. 6 weeks have passed and she's been moved to a rehabilitation center.  She has been able to voluntarily open her eyes, look for someone and she gave a thumbs up a few days into physical therapy.  She can't vocalize and these moments are brief, but she surely seems to be a living miracle!

A loving sister's hand holding on

Kelsey is a friend of my daughter's and  I sure hope they will share some laughs together again soon.  As a parent I can't imagine the anguish her parents have been going through.  I wasn't as confident through this and tried to prepare my daughter for the worst.  The doctors have been amazed at her recovery and have been baffled by it.  They've told the family "whatever you're doing keep it up" - because they've never seen anyone pull through like this with the level of injuries she had. 

 Her family and fiance Tyler's unwavering faith in God have never given up and have always believed that she was going to pull through this.  

Hundreds of  people are praying for her and keeping her close in their hearts, but she can always use more!

Say a little prayer for Kelsey, her family and for all the wonderful doctors, nurses, and therapists that have helped her get this far along.  She has a long journey yet to travel

Thumbs up Kelsey!



  1. Thanks for sharing. Kelsey will be in my prayers as well as her family and friends.

  2. The power of prayer can me a miracle. What a nice story on a Sunday morning :-)

  3. well thank you so much for sharing... it shows how easy one's life can change,.. hope that this girl gets full recovery, and its their faith that has helped pull her through... all the best, hugs from across the pond for Kelsey.. janzi

  4. I just got all over chills. This could be any one of our children, or our children's friends. It is an amazing testimony to the will to live and the power of prayer to pull someone through. I am praying that she is restored to full functionality in the upcoming months. Thanks for sharing her story here, Liz- xo Dn

  5. Every time one of my children get in a vehicle, I always worry until I hear their voice or see their face again. I can't even imagine what Kelsey's family must be going through. Kelsey and her family will be in my prayers for continued healing.

  6. Keeping her in my prayers, Liz. What is it about truck drivers lately? They used to be the best and most courteous of drivers, now they will run you off the road. So sad. xo

  7. Saying a prayer for Kelsey and keeping her close at heart. What an amazing young woman. She's not going to give up!

  8. She's just spending some time with her Creator before returning to your lovely care and friendship.
    Whatever you're doing keep doing Kelsey. World needs inspiration from real fighters like you.
    Thank you for sharing and I hope to read more in the future as she climbs all those mountains.
    Going to put Kelsey in my prayers; what wonderful things she'll manage with such strength and faith once she overcomes this.

  9. I will certainly ray for Kelsey and her family. My daughter lost a friend when she was 12 years old. There were 3 of them playing on an ATV, and the one girl somehow got out onto the road and was hit by a truck. She only lived one week. It is heartbreaking and VERY traumatic for those left behind. My daughter had survivors guilt for many years. 2 thumbs up for Kelsey!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  10. I'll be praying for Kelsey and her family, Liz. What a difficult time this must be for all of them. Thanks for sharing their story.
    ~ Wendi xo

  11. Thanks Mom. :)
    Kelsey has shown us that "with great love comes great sacrifice". Kelsey's great sufferings and pain throughout all of this have not gone without even greater benefit. Many have told us how they didn't really believe in God or have any faith life, and after hearing about Kelsey's story and following along with us, they have found faith and hope through her. Kelsey works miracles in so many ways, some of which she may never know. This is the beauty of faith. The family has repeatedly told us how none of this would even be possible without the "ultimate trifecta": faith, family, and friends. Truly, this is what it means to have love in your life; to have complete strangers care enough to pray for the well being of another. God has tested us all and hopefully, we come out stronger in the end. We would never know joy without pain, and I'm certain we will understand Joy to the extent that it will only be expressible through actions. Love you so much Kelsey Kay! Can't wait for your wedding day next June. :)

  12. I remember you telling me about this poor child. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up to her for the strides she is making in her recovery. I really so hope that strength continues to move her forward. As a parent, I can't even begin to fathom the pain her parents have suffered.

  13. Oh Liz, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's friend Kelsey. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. I can't even imagine what her family is going through. Each and every day is so precious.

  14. Liz, if Kelsey and her family are at the rehab center near me please let them know I would help with anything they might need.

  15. What a fighter! Yes, faith, love and family/friends can so anything with God in the front!
    I'll be saying prayers for her!


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