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March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring!

Well today is the first day of Spring. I'm glad for that "date" on the calendar but in my neck of the woods it's not feeling too spring like just yet! 
 Last night in almost a symbolic gesture we had a fabulous sunset.  The sun glowed like it was promising the next day to be beautiful!

I've tried blinking my eyes and wiggling my nose like
 Samantha on Bewitched to make this snow go away, but it's not working!

So this first day of Spring, the sun shined (yay!).  Even though the snow did not melt (in fact we received more and it was snowing as I took this picture) I'm still working on my "glass is half full" sense of optimism- so I am grateful for seeing the sun on this first day of spring and the beauty it creates for us.

The sun works it's way across my kitchen and I captured a bit of it.

This is the most flowering it's ever given me.  I think it likes this spot!  I gave it a ribbon with spring like colors to tie it into my Easter decorating.

 I forgot to include these the other day when I showed you my  
 These adorable lambs came from Pier 1 as well as the tree.  I grabbed them up a month ago.  I figured they wouldn't last long.

 Too cute!

 The sun was really beaming in.  Don't laugh at my chalk art...
Picasso I am not!  

 The wooden crate was from Michaels and I found a container with some pot-pourri from Pottery Barn (last year).  I lined it with some filler to keep the pot-pourri from falling out.

 Welcome Spring!  
Now let's turn on the heat!!



  1. All that snow doesn't really feel like spring, does it? I'm in the same boat. We got a huge dump of snow over the weekend. But, you're so right... sunshine always makes things better! I love your little lambs. They're so sweet!
    Happy Spring, Liz!

  2. The sunset is beautiful Liz. They are predicting Missouri snow for the next couple of days. So happy Xanti made the decision to move the wedding. I know a snowy wedding beside a lake would be beautiful.....but then....hmmmm.:-)

  3. That was a beautiful sunset! Here in Louisiana, we are the in the 70's! Winter is over for us but Spring will be gone before we know it! Then we'll be hitting the 90's with high humidity!

  4. I think we can wiggle our noses all we want, but it won't make a difference! This cold weather is here to stay for a minute! We're supposed to get snow tomorrow and Sunday. Ugh! I can stand the cold...it's the lack of sunshine that gets to me...big time!!! I NEED sunshine!

    Those little lambs are adorable as they can be!!! They look so soft and fluffy!!! And you're not a bad artist at all! I think the bunny is cute! At least it doesn't look like an armadillo or a hyena or something like that! :-)

  5. Gosh it can be hard waiting! I would be crazy without warmer weather by now. But happy first day of spring! Love all your spring touches!

  6. It doesn't feel like spring here either as we got a foot of snow last night and still getting more. Love your Easter decorations.

  7. Awww...what cute sheep :) It doesn't feel like Spring here either. We are supposed to get snow today, tomorrow and Friday. I am ready to see flowers blooming, but I will "enjoy" the snow a while longer :) And my son will enjoy the mud after is melts!

    Happy Spring!


  8. Your Spring touches look lovely...even if it's not Spring outside. I have that same little lamb. What a cutie! (It's not Spring here either.)

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    Down hear in Texas Spring is right around the corner" I love your photo of your Easter Decorations in your lovely home. " You have a one" box on your blog it says "
    this person moved or
    deleted this image.
    can you see it or am I going nut's..
    XXOO Diane

  10. Doesn't look like Spring at your house but the snow is beautiful! I love your sweet kitchen windowsill. The little lambie pies are just too cute!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Love it, and I can't believe your Easter cactus. Love the little lambs and hey..I'm not laughing at your chalk art. It's a whole lot better than I could do. Hope Spring gets there soon. We've had warm days and nights lately, and wouldn't you know tonight is supposed to be below freezing. Our groundhog, Gen. Beauregard Lee certainly got the prediction right for us.

  12. Well, it looks like you are ready for Spring, Liz. I LOVE those sheep-they are just darling- Your chalk art looks good to me-better than mine! Happy First Day of Spring- xo Diana

  13. Happy Springtime! How I wish it would appear too...instead it,s cold and are predicting snow tomorrow..ugggg

    Love all your springtime pretties! I only brought a few things out his year, and soon it will be here and gone!


  14. Liz, your Spring touches are beautiful! I hope Spring comes around for you guys soon. It is so warm in Texas, it is hard to believe all that snow. We have been in the 80's and a few days ago we hit 92 in San Antonio. Weather man said we are supposed to be back in the 90's tomorrow and Sunday night we are getting a cold front and the temperatures are going down to 39 degrees. Crazy! We are kind of worried of what the Summer is going to be like for us. Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Love all of your Spring decor and especially your lambs!...I know the snow is a pain after a while, but it is beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  16. Still cold here too Liz and expected to be for a couple more weeks. Ugh. You know I'm dying to get outside too. I've tried growing things in the window this year too but it just isn't the same as being in the dirt, but it is beautiful. Love the Christmas cactus and those lambs are absolutely wonderful!!! So cute in your window! Hope that snow starts to melt soon and you can get outside too.

  17. I love your little lambs! It was cold here today and will me for the near future but your pictures sure do warm the heart. Have a wonderful weekend.


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