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March 11, 2013

Nod to Romance

Recently in my post "Dazzling and Details" I showed a few new pieces for my office.  This is what I ended up doing with them.  For starters.... I moved  the tall stand that had the lamp on  and it swapped places with the elephant table that I had just brought in. 
 Elephant table is now adorned with my lamp, a glamed up tissue box cover and a glass candle holder accented with the fleur de'lis.  I placed a glass riser piece under the lamp to add some more glam.

 When I began putting the office together I wanted it to reflect things I likeSticking to my traditional roots but allowing myself a little play room to indulge in a few deviations is my game plan.
"You can see here"  my initial office beginnings.
I have a very traditional desk and I wanted to blend
in a little modern glam to the room so the big floral picture was added.  It's shimmery paint and the fun polka dot shimmery sheers on my windows helped give it that vibe that I wanted.

  I've been looking at some Eiffel Tower metal art pieces but I couldn't settle on one I liked.  I fell across this picture and was drawn to it immediately.  I liked the coloring in the frame which picked up beautifully with window dressings and brought in a little more of the traveled look that I've been playing with.   
The Eiffel Tower is highlighted with evening lights and what could be more romantic!

 Next to the Cloche with the monkey is a finial piece that I 
relocated from the living room.
 This tassel was laying on the desk and I had been looking for a 
new home for it. 

 The top of the dresser/bureau has changed
once again...I guess this is always going to be
a subject of my messin' around!  I edited out the 
blue pieces and added an old fashioned bicycle
and rearranged everything.  

 The tall stand that was behind the desk now
resides just below a wall shelf and I put the new 
Paris book on it with the new frame I showed you last week.  
The roses were preserved a year ago and I used this gold tone glass vase to complete the vignette.  They still have a sweet smell.  
Hubby gave them to me last year for our 34th 
which I  "blogged about".
Number 35 is right around the corner! 

  I  placed this lovely picture called
"A Favour" in the frame
which depicts a woman tossing a rose to 
her beau belowI thought it was a sweet
tie in with preserved roses.
 I created a panoramic shot with my iPhone.  It gives you a little reference to my room.  It came out a bit dark but I guess that adds to my romantic nod! 

So for now...that's all!!
 I'm joining 
A Stroll Thru Life 
Tabletop Tuesday  

Our Home Away from Home 
for her first blog party
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  1. It's very nice Liz. So peaceful and cozy. I love the picture Favour it's perfect.

  2. Liz- It looks great---traditional but with a fun flair to it. I really love the Paris picture and your bird finial is really sweet with the tassel added to it. I am loving it, Liz! xo Diana

  3. Liz, everything looks so beautiful, with a hint of romance!

  4. Love the look, Liz, a little exotic yet romantic, and dreamy. xo

  5. Not just romantic but cozy too! A lovely room! :)


  6. This is beautiful, Liz. Wonderful vignettes!

  7. Very nice, Liz! It is so serene and elegant.

  8. I love each piece Liz! I especially love the cloche! They are my newest obsession!

  9. So many wonderful pieces. Your office looks heavenly and a beautiful place to work in.

  10. This is one of the things I really like about and admire in you, Liz. You're not afraid to tinker, tinker, tinker until you get it just like you want it. And even after THAT, you're not afraid to tinker with it some more! I'm going to send you photos of my office...that'll send you into a tailspin!!! :-) You will weep for me!!! :-) I LOVE the way you arranged the tassel. I had to look very closely to realize that wasn't the bird's tail! Keep rockin' it, sistah!

  11. I love your new additions and you have everything accessorized so beautifully. How fun is this. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. Liz,
    E X Q U I S I T E!!!
    I adore the print of romantic flavor!!!
    This has to be my favorite of your vignettes in the room!!!
    The blending of this print with your anniversary roses stole my heart!
    The dresser vignette is quite intriquing with the monkey statue beneath the cloche!
    Has the romantic flavor of a scene from the movie Australia!
    I feel your Traditional roots have found their way home in your office, quite nicely!

  13. Everything looks so sweet and cozy, love the way you have put it together, it's fun to arrange out things, I think thats the fun of having such nice things so we can move them around and create...

  14. HI Liz! Oh, everything looks beautiful! I just love your taste and you always make your home look so lovely. Thank you so much for your kinds words and I hope you have a blessed week.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Everything is just beautiful Liz!!! I wish you could come work your magic in my home!

  16. We never really get over with playing house do we?!
    Lucky us!
    I have several nooks at home which are in constant remodeling and redecorating - on a weekly basis.
    And I don't have such lovely pieces like you do.
    So glad you have all this fun and get to share it with us.
    Wishing you a romantic and cosy weekend,

  17. You have many unique pieces of art. It must be fun to be able to make many different changes. I have a more cottage type home built in the early 18 hundreds. We upgraded over the years but stuck in the 80's. It is homey and comfy to me. Have a great day.

  18. Liz, what beautiful accents! All of your vignettes are just wonderful! Such a beautiful office space!

  19. Liz..your room is coming along beautifully...love all of your pretty accessories that you so wonderfully placed together to create a great vignette!

  20. Your newest follower!!! Love the room, Liz. Hope you'll check out Uptown Acorn. xo


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