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March 24, 2013

Queen for the (weekend) day!

Well, today I am officially one year older.
It's been a good weekend.
I've been taken out to eat, and I even got  
Hubby to tour the Ethan Allen 
store and check out some sofas
Of course I drooled over a lot of goodies. 
A surprise floral arrangement was delivered Saturday 
morning that was from my friend Betty in New Mexico
 Love the miniature roses mixed with the Gerbera daisies... 
Thank you again so much!
It's a real pick-me-up during this
late winter and continuing white landscape
that doesn't seem to be going away... and 

  the cutest card from my friend Alycia 
She knows me well! 
Thank you! 

I'm keeping the flowers on the table so I 
can enjoy them!  
 I was surprised by our daughter Chelsea with a 
weekend visit and
she made a lemon cake with a blueberry butter cream frosting, and candied lemon wedges that she did herself!   
Isn't it cute- she's getting better and better at this!  If you know me you know I love lemon flavored everything- so I was tickled she made me this!

She used my new gift from my Hubby to make it.
A Kitchen Aid mixer which I have dubbed
"Snow White"
(I'm going to have to get busy and do more baking!)

We also watched the new Les Miserabl├ęs movie which we loved.  

So I have been queen for the (weekend) Day!
Small update
I received these lovely flowers from my Son 
and his wife today!

The roses are like antique roses and there are some pale peach flowers that look antique too...very beautiful!
 I love all the different flowers in this arrangement.
Thank you Son and DIL!



  1. Happy Birthday, Liz! I am so happy that you are having a wonderful birthday weekend! Love, love the cake and the flowers are beautiful. Enjoy the rest of you weekend! :)

  2. Happy Birthday - the cake looks so pretty and delicious :-)

  3. Happy Birthday, Liz! It sounds like you're getting the royal treatment today, and I'm so happy for you! Wishing you a year full of happiness, love and laughter, my friend!
    Wendi xo

  4. So glad you are having a wonderful birthday weekend, in spite of the lack of spring! Today it is sunny and bright but a snowstorm is expected tomorrow. Ugh. I also have a white KitchenAid, I like the name Snow White for it. I really liked the pistachio color or the orange. xo

  5. Happy birthday dear friend!! Looks like your special Sunday is coming out beautifully, with such a lovely and yummy table! Many blessings for your new year of life!! Big hugs,

  6. Happy birthday dear Liz. Sounds like you are having a fabulous birthday. Aloha greetings from Kauai.

  7. Happy birthday Liz! What a pretty bouquet and the cake looks wonderful. I love lemon and blueberries. Nice to be queen for a day!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Your flowers are beautiful and the cake looks awesome. I love anything lemon too. XO, Pinky PS, we are supposed to get the dang snow tonight and tomorrow. BOOOOOO:(

  9. Happy Birthday Liz! I love everything and am so glad you have had a great day...the flowers the cake oh my the mixer what a wonderful birthday...Have missed you and am so glad to catch up to you on your birthday!

  10. Ah ha! So you did receive the royal treatment this weekend. I'm sure it was well-deserved, Liz. The cake is really pretty, as are the beautiful bouquets. Lucky you!


  11. THIS is the way the Queen SHOULD be treated! You deserve to be hailed and loved!!! Chelsea did a fantastic job on that cake!!! I'm really impressed that she candied the lemons herself. My understanding is that it takes a little time and patience...for which I applaud her! Your flowers are gorgeous, too! As for the mixer...LOVE IT!!! She's a real beaut! Can't wait to see all the treats you work up with her!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, QUEEN LIZABETH!!! And may God grant you many, many more!

  12. Happy Birthday, Liz! How nice that you received the beautiful flowers. Did I ever tell you that my daughter's name is Chelsea as well?? The cake looks gorgeous and I can only image how delicious it tasted!! I've been wanting a mixer like yours, but then I realize that I don't cook so not really sure what I would do with it, it's a beauty, though!! As usual, your blog looks great! Missed talking to you!! Have a great week--I'm hoping spring will make its appearance soon!!

  13. Happy birthday to you, Liz. Isn't it wonderful to be Queen for A Day. You certainly received beautiful flowers and a lovely cake.

  14. So glad to hear you had a wonderful day! You'll love the mixer and there are so many fun attachments to go with it!! I think KitchenAid thought of everything. The flowers are beautiful - I'm sure they brightened your day along with that scrumptious looking cake!!

  15. So glad to hear you had a wonderful day! You'll love the mixer and there are so many fun attachments to go with it!! I think KitchenAid thought of everything. The flowers are beautiful - I'm sure they brightened your day along with that scrumptious looking cake!!

  16. I hoped the flowers might help to brighten up all the cold and snowy weather you are having and besides that Liz, you have helped me so much not only with decorating and you are a special friend and you deserve flowers on your special day!

  17. My Gosh, Liz! I can certainly tell how much you are loved. That all comes back to you because of all you give of yourself, you know! What a great day---or days! I have a Snow White, too. Don't use it too much or you will go from Skinny Snow to Big Blizzard- trust me- I know from experience! Have a great day xo Diana


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