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March 18, 2013

Easter Decorating at my Home

It all started when I spotted some pussy willows at the grocery store and a wheel barrow at Cracker Barrel! 

 When I was a child my mother always set up some kind of Easter Egg tree.  Sometimes it was a few branches collected from the yard and painted white and sometimes it was Pussy Willow branches.  I'm sure the Pussy Willows were chosen only if Easter was in April because in Michigan we are usually still having winter in March!

I have a small collection of hand painted Easter eggs (I did not paint) I've had these since the early 90's when I ordered them from a catalog. 

 Some are floral and some have cute chicks, ducks and rabbits on them.

I mentioned getting these at the grocery store. I was thrilled when I saw them because they were in such great condition and they were perfect for preserving.  All you do is "not" put them in water and they dry up on their own.

Around the base of the crystal vase I put a grape vine wreath that I dressed up with some paper grass, flowers and eggs.  The little bunny egg holders are for one large egg to set in but I chose to use some faux eggs for fun.  I think I'll pick up some foil wrapped chocolate eggs for them which will be even cuter!
(Tablecloth by April Cornell)
  These Fitz and Floyd bunnies come from a group called "Poppies" which I've had a long time. I dressed them with the green ribbon for a little flare a few years ago and I just kept them on. 

 This basket was a T.J. Maxx find. I added a few of my own eggs but it did come with some. 
I set it on this clay pot which I bought for a project I need to get working on.  The grape vine wreath was added to tie into the basket's organic look.

  The vase was filled with white silica sand and helped stabilize the Pussy Willow branches and add some weight.
So that's my Pussy Willow Easter Egg Tree
now on to my mantel

  About a month ago I saw this wheel barrow at Cracker Barrel.  I had just picked up the two standing rabbits at the Hallmark store and the minute I saw the wheel barrow I knew they had to go together.

 This little chubby rabbit  (Pier 1) has been having way too much fun eating from the garden.  
The white grass is from Williams Sonoma. I stuffed some tulips in with a few crackled finished eggs and a bunch of carrots (Hobby Lobby)

   These bunnies are made of sisal.  

They both have their own baskets with some carrots and I added a few eggs.

 They've been robbing the farmers garden!

 I still love the spring colors of Easter decorations. I was going to paint the wheel barrow white, but I decided the brown was okay and may work out just fine.  I'm glad I left it aloneI think it keeps the look pulled together. 

Hop hop hopping along.... 

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  1. The bunnies are all so adorable. I LOVE the bunnies on your mantel though. I could just hug em - so cute and so creative. You definitely have the touch and your home is always so warm and welcoming!!

  2. Everything looks beautiful, Liz, your tree especially. I love Cracker Barrel, their store has such great things. (and of course their food ;-) ). There is just something so endearing about rabbits and a wheelbarrow! xo

  3. Your Easter decor is so pretty, Liz. I especially like the mantel display. Those bunnies are precious, and the wheel barrel is adorable. I'm glad you didn't paint it. It looks great the way it is.
    ~ Wendi

  4. Liz, all of your Easter decor is so pretty. Love the Easter egg tree! Those eggs are gorgeous! Your vignette and the mantel are beautiful!

  5. Your decor is fun, simple and pretty! The Willow branches add a little something extra to your tree!
    Anjana @ http://happyandharried.wordpress.com/

  6. House is looking great Liz! I need to get with the program and pull out our Easter decorations! This was just the inspiration that I needed!

  7. Everything looks wonderful, Liz :) Beautiful decorating!


  8. Thanks, Liz, for sharing your Easter decor with us. I love pussy willows and have been looking for some real ones for the last couple of years. That is a great idea to use them for an Easter tree. Love those little Fitz & Floyd bunnies and that wheelbarrow is darling- xo Diana

  9. The chubby rabbit is my favorite! He's just a sweet, puffy little ball! I love him!!! Thanks for the tip about preserving the pussy willow. I wasn't aware that it could be preserved without a lot of fuss. That will make it worth the investment since I tend to buy stuff in outrageous quantities! :-) Yours are really in fabulous shape. They look super fresh! I think it's neat you are carrying on the tradition your Mom started with the tree!!! You can come up with something different each year and have fun with it! I'm sure your Mom gets a kick out of you doing that! That's a beautiful plaid ribbon around the Fitz & Floyd bunny!!! They just looks like plaid is the only pattern for them! For your mantel vignette, it is probably best that you kept the wheelbarrow brown. You can always paint it later if you want, but for where you have it right now I think you called it correctly. It looks great up there! Those farmer's-garden-robbin' bunnies look great with it!

  10. I can't get over your finding pussy willows at the grocery store. I never see them here. Your Fitz and Floyd bunnies are so sweet and it's so nice that you're continuing the Easter egg tree tradition. Your mantel looks so pretty with the standing bunnies and the wheelbarrow. Cute find. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Thank you for sharing, Liz.
    Lovely, like everything you put your mind and work into...
    I'm so, but so, behind in thinking of Easter Decor (though I only decor a bit for Easter Sunday Lunch) I'm starting to worry myself ;)
    But I've already decided my Easter Bunny is going to wear a bow ;).
    Happy and Blessed Easter!

  12. Love all your Easter decor! The mantle looks so cute, love that wheelbarrel. I have some sisal bunnies too. I like the wheel barrel brown too. XO, Pinky

  13. Beautiful Easter decor! I love the egg tree!

  14. Liz,I'm admiring your bunnies while I'm wondering where mine are. Maybe in "the red cabinet" on the back porch. Yours look like fun ones to enjoy. Thanks for sharing, Helen

  15. Wow awesome Easter decoration. I am really impressed.

  16. Liz - your home looks like an Easter bunny parade! They are so adorable and everything is staged so well. That wheelbarrow is adorable - I just hope some of those bunnies stop at my house on Easter!!

  17. Hi Liz! Oh, everything looks so sweet. I love your pussy willow tree and those little eggs. You have some darling bunnies too. Your mantle looks great and those little bunnies needed that wheelbarrow! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  18. Lovely Easter decorations, Liz!! I love the chubby bunny! Thanks for stopping by today!

  19. Hi Liz, I just adore all of your sweet, pretty Easter decorations! And your vignettes are beautiful, on the table and mantle! My favorite is the wagon and bunnies in it! :)

  20. Hi, Liz

    I love the little display you created with the bunnies and the wheelbarrow; it looks like a scene from a wonderful storybook.


  21. Everything looks really nice! I like the pussy will tree you have. I also bought pussy willow lights to decorate my house. I love it! I think they're really pretty!


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