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March 9, 2013

Blue Hour and Flowers

Greetings fellow plant lovers and gardeners!!

You may have noticed my new blog look thanks to my friend Linda at 
Life and Linda who transforms my blogs for me!  I give her an idea and she waves her magic wand and gives me what I asked for!  She's been busy transforming several blogs in the past few months and has a link at the top of her page you can see them at.   I recommend her not only because I think she's talented, but because she does it for a super reasonable price!

I know we all are fed up with winter (at least those of us still blanketed in the white stuff!)  We are experiencing some nice warmish weather (40's) which means "hooray" the snow is melting!  
I'm an early riser- I love it when I catch the sunrise. A beautiful glow appeared and I snapped off a few shots.  I think this qualifies as a "blue hour"  photo.  That Beatles song "Here Comes the Sun" always pops in my head (fairly frequently)!

I love the pretty colors in the sky.  Truly like a rainbow!  Amber, pinks, purples, and blues!

I kept the camera around hoping for some nice sunshine to highlight my flowers that have just appeared this week on the Christmas Cactus. 

I guess rest of the day will be warm but not sunny... perhaps it will dot in and out?  No complaints from me though... We have had a sun filled week and it puts everyone in a good mood.  

Ah yes I did catch this a couple of days ago while having my morning coffee.  These tulips were nearly a week old and pretty much past their peak but I had to snap off a shot when the sun came beaming in!  (Not bad for a cell phone picture!) 
I can hardly wait to see my own tulips popping up but that will probably be another month before that happens!  I also can't wait to wash my windows! After a long winter the windows sure get dirty!

I'm joining My Little Home and Garden 

Thank-you for visiting!



  1. I love the new look Liz, the header looks fantastic. The sunrise looks wonderful, so many colours. Tulips always make me smile, it means spring has arrived. enjoy the rest of your weekend. Chel x

  2. Awww Liz, thanks for the mention. I was very to re-design your garden blog. When you are happy, I am happy. The tulips are gorgeous and mean Sporing to me.
    You took some beautiful shots. Enjoy your week-end. I know it's tax time. Luckily, ours are done and we even received our refund already.

  3. Your blog looks gorgeous, those photos in the header are fabulous, but then your yard and garden are fabulous! xo

  4. Hi Liz, yes a beautiful header. I love that color in those tulips. So rich and voluptuous looking. We are having a glorious week-end in Ky. Thank goodness. Have a great week.

  5. Hi Liz,
    Great new header, beautiful garden photos up there! Your sunrise is just gorgeous...love that blue hour, I have got a couple of shots at the end of the day. You sure know it is going to be a great day when you see one of those first thing in the morning!
    All the Best,

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    Your photos are all beautiful as always. I also love your Gorgeous Header from
    Linda she a sweetie. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  7. Firstly, congrats on the new look of your blog its gorgeous! Also, I love the 'blue hour' photos! I'm definitely not an early riser but these pictures are tempting me to give it a go..

  8. The hill photo is beautiful. What a scene to be able to look at every day. The Christmas cactus is really pretty in bloom.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  9. Your new look is just lovely! So are your blue hour photos. I love Christmas cactus and the tulips are gorgeous! Happy Sunlit Sunday!

  10. Beautiful photos! That last one is certainly cheery with the sun streaming in...Happy Sunday!

  11. Your new header is wonderful. Love the sunlight on the tulips.

  12. Love the new look and those sunrise photos are beautiful...I do the same and wait for the sunrise to see what beauty I might capture...looking forward to spring here too!!

  13. Hi Liz, Thank you for stopping in for a visit. Your header is beautiful.

  14. Good Morning, Liz

    I have your other blog in my blog roll, but am going to add this one as well, especially with gardening season coming (May, here). Your sunrise photos as striking; what a view you get each day. I'll have to remember the term "blue hour" as I don't recall hearing it before.

    As for the Christmas cactus, I'm going to have a word with mine now; it's huge and not a bloom in sight. I love the way your tulips glow in the light.

    Thanks for joining in and sharing shots from your home.


  15. Your blue photo is just stunning. Tulips with sun on them - one of the best.

  16. Stopping over from Sunlit Sunday! Beautiful light coming through those trees!

  17. oh your tulip look so pretty! I had some in our new house but the heat wasn't working properly yet and they never really opened. I am going to have to get some more because yours look so pretty

  18. I love your blue hour shot, and the tulips are gorgeous in the morning sun and oh yes "here comes the sun" :)

    Our first weekly linky party is on, please join us if your time permits...


    The theme is 'what made your heart sing or dance this week? " :)

  19. Hi Liz, your blue hour sunrise photos are absolutely gorgeous! Wow. I've never captured the blue hour in the morning before. Maybe your Christmas cactus is and Easter one. :) Your tulip photo is beautiful. Cell phone cameras are really good these days aren't they. I hope you have a great week. Pamela


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