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February 21, 2021

More Porcelain Blue White


Do you ever get ideas for decorting while browing catalogs or online? 

Inspired by some displays by Ethan Allen with large ginger jars and vases.  I finally decided I'd come up with my own version.

This large ginger jar was on the mantel not long ago and was inspiration for this display.

Though hidden by the chairs I really liked this one.  I like the various sizes and shapes mixed together.  I'm still debating as to whether I should bring in a couple of candle holders.

I like the use of orchids so I made sure to include some in my display.

I keep my table at the smallest size so I mixed together a cluster of jars and vases, just enough to make a statement.

I'm real happy with the outcome!  It's interesting I moved one jar and the mantel and it started that old domino effect and then several other things got switched! 

The background of these bigger jars and tall vase have a bit more of a blueish vs. white background so I was pleased that these pieces, which were all collected at different times, ended up working together nicely.


The sun was out for a while today, which makes everything seem so much nicer.  Last night we got about 3" of snow but some areas nearby got 15"!  Glad we didn't get that much!  Can't wait for spring to get out  in my gadens again!
Have a great week!

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  1. What a lovely arrangement, Liz! You have quite an awesome collection of blue porcelain! And yes, I'm always looking at my favorite sites for inspiration too! But more so on what I can craft hack! I once did a small ginger jar with a top using a blue and white chinoiserie design napkin. I love re-creating decorative items this way!

  2. Liz, you always have such beautiful arrangements. I’ve loved the blue and white together. These are stunning.


  3. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! You nailed it! Ethan Allen is always such a good source of inspiration! I love their products! You did great with this! Glad you didn’t get absolutely slammed with the large amounts of snow, too. That just isn’t fun any way you put it...unless you’re at a ski resort!🎿

  4. That's a beautiful arrangement, Liz. I've been inspired with blue & white lately also. I'm so glad our condo walls lean toward its use, seemingly more than our previous home ever did (or maybe it was just me, I don't know). I'm very tired of winter, and even though our snow has been minimal, even 1/2" of ice did so much damage in WV last week. I worry for my daughter who drives secondary roads. Luckily her office closed on the ice storm day (after she fell in her driveway attempting to get to work on time). Spring is showing signs in our neighborhood now, with tulip magnolia and Bradford pear buds, and hellebores ready to burst into bloom. Can't wait! Have a good week.

  5. So pretty, Liz! I adore Ethan Allen decor as it always suits my love of traditional. Your blue and white pieces are ageless. Glad you didn't get 15 inches of snow! We had an ice storm last week and its results are still around. Have a nice week.

  6. Hi Liz,
    I love blue and white together. Your jar collection is beautiful. We are getting another 3 to 5 inches right now. Ugh! It will start to warm up this week quite a bit so that will be nice. The problem will be where is all this melting snow going to go. This is one time I am glad I do not have a basement. Happy New Week.

  7. I absolutely love your blue and white collection. Ethan Allen has beautiful things and it is always fun to browse and get inspired. Lots of snow for you. We are having some beautiful weather this week. Happy week ahead Liz.

  8. Snow looks prettier in your world! I do love the blue and white -- it's very fresh and lovely, Liz.

  9. Liz, your interpretations of these photos are beautiful! Love your blue and white collection and how you continue to play and refresh! Isn’t it fun? You have gotten a lot of snow! We had about 7 inches total but now it’s melted. I’m so ready for spring! Have a happy week.


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