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February 28, 2021

This and That This Week #16

The sun is shining and as I came down the halllway I noticed it was highlighting my yellow roses!  I popped in some pussy willows too!

A little bit of sunshine does a long way here!

I picked up a wreath from Home Goods that I like and put it on the inside of the door.

It's simple but one of those you can put just about anywhere!  I was drawn to the black and white striped ribbon too!

On the other side of the door I already put up a spring wreath.  I got it from JoAnn's (on-line) at discount, and in this case it looks better than their image!  I wanted something noticeable from the outside and this one also has anemone's which are very early spring flowers! 

Last Saturday I had a delivery.  While he was backing out another driver coming down the road panicked and slid across the end of our driveway and hit the van straight in the middle.  Everyone was okay but it sure did mess up her van.

This is a view from my neighbors house that she sent me.  We were so lucky that they didn't run into our big blue spruce and missed the mailbox too!  The police were directing traffic.

It's been in the upper 40's and the snow is really melting.  They are predicting an early spring for us!

My son Ryan and Grandson Joey came for a week to visit so I was busy with that all week! 
He's 4 and so rambunctious! 

Grandpa took him for some sledding fun on the driveway!  This was earlier in the week before we started melting down.  Now the driveway is clear!

Inside another set of Amaryllis is blooming.  I decided to plant more to have a continuation of the blooms!

These are called Purple Rain.  They aren't purple but pretty just the same!  You can see my Thanksgiving Cactus in the background is just about to put on a show too!

I like the veining they have.  Perhaps that was the "rain" part to their name.

Happy New Week and welcome March!



  1. Your roses and pussy willow look lovely in the sunbeam, Liz. Such pretty snow photos of your growing grandson on the sled. My, time passes so quickly. I bet you had fun with him, but they do wear us out. The purple rain amaryllis is beautiful. I've enjoyed seeing all of yours. Happy March to you as well. Hopefully spring will be here soon.

  2. Glad you got to spend some time with your son and grandson. How fun Grandpa pulling him with the tractor. I love when that sunshine streams in too. We are about the same as you in weather. Big warm up this week and next. We might see an early spring. Oh I hope so. Have a great new week. xoxo Kris

  3. I bet you were exhausted after a week with a rambunctious 4 yr old! They'll either keep you young or kill ya, it's a fine line. Ouch for the driver who hit the delivery van. I am so finished with winter. But Miss March came in with a roar in our region - lots of flooding all around, threatening a few family members today and tomorrow. Sunshine (what's that?!) is forecast for the next 10 days, woohoo!

  4. Oh, wow. Two hours with a four year old practically sends us off for treatment at the spa! R&R. With heavy emphasis on the rest! That's a boatload of energy. I'm glad your mailbox and tree were OK. Rick got slammed while we were inside at our four's birthday party. I'm not sure we would have found out who did it if Kevin hadn't asked his neighbor if he could check his security camera and the neighbor fessed up!


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