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February 7, 2021

Never Say I'm Satisfied!


Recently I posted and showed my living room and this is how the mantel looked.  I said I left the mantel the same because I was satisfied with it.  Well....

I got a bun on to make a change.  I played with different ginger jars and finally came up with this.

I finally decided on this ginger jar and also brought in the plate to add more blue.   I wanted my color theme to be more prominent. 

This ginger jar is a lot smaller than the other,  but I brought over the smaller jar I had on the right side.  I think they make a nice pairing.

This plate is part of my mom's collection and it dawned on me that I had the gold plate holder being used somewhere else so I grabbed it.  The gold picks up on the picture frame.  
I love shopping my house!

I'm pleased with the variance of texture, shapes and colors.  What do you think!  
(I will move the ginger jar a bit to the left.)
We are getting hit hard, today's high was 15ยบ and it's been snowing too.  We've been having it fairly easy so I guess Old Man Winter finally decided it was our time!  
Now what else can I find to swap out somewhere else!


  1. I love the new look, Liz, but the old one was just as gorgeous, too! It's just the little things we change that makes us happy! We all look at an arrangement and say to ourselves, "something is not right" and later it dawns on us to move things around until we're satisfied! Right! Be careful, stay warm and safe during the snow storm! We're getting hit, too!

  2. Liz, I thought the mantle looked fine...but now I see the change is even better. Oh Liz, I can't wait for the warmer weather when we can see your flowers again. I am so tired of the cold . Blessings, stay safe. xoxo, Susie

  3. Liz, I love the change. You are absolutely right now that there is a little more blue with the addition of your gorgeous plate, it is more prominent. It was strikingly beautiful to begin with but now it really pops more from a further distance in your room. It really draws your attention. Such a lovely mantel to see first thing. It was great for you to share this with us. Stay warm, Liz.

  4. I think it's lovely. I really am impressed with the arch indentation above the fireplace and also how it works with your windows. It really sets off the painting. Lovely to have family things as part of your daily scene!

  5. That’s a fun way to spend a snow day: playing Barbie’s Dream Home with your very own house! I HIGHLY recommend it!!!! Looks good! Nice plate from your Mom!!!

  6. That's gorgeous, Liz. I've added several blue & white items to my decor, the first time ever! I know, sounds crazy, I've always found blue & white in vintage hunts, and given it to a sister who uses it a lot. Now wishing I'd kept a few of those! Maybe I could shop her house!

  7. Sometimes just the little tweaking can make a big difference. It is so pretty and I love that painting. We were -1 this weekend and only up to 14 today. Going to be in the negative numbers again in a few days through the weekend. We are getting even more snow today. Ugh Ugh Ugh!!! When is Spring?!!

  8. Very pretty look. Love the blue and white decor. A lovely plate from your mom’s things makes it very special. I think we all tweak things.

  9. Isn't it fun to shop your own house when you have lots of good stuff?! LOL! I really like this new grouping. It's very balanced and I think it shows off your mother's lovely plate better. Stay warm and safe! Zenda

  10. Your mantel is perfect now! Love the blues.

  11. Good choice to add that special plate and move the small jar over to the other side. Love the blue and white.

  12. I always love blue and white, so the mantel is just beautiful! I love shopping my house, you never know what you will find. Stay warm!


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