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April 8, 2018

Updating The Living Room

I tweaked the floor plan again in the living room and I added a little bit more of the coral/orange tone that I brought in with the new pillows and the vase.

I wanted to accessorize a bit with more of this color that the new rug has brought into the home that I showed "here" in a previous post.

Notice the new floral arrangement on the mantel.  We took a trip up to Petoskey to my favorite store Monarch Garden & Floral Design, with faux florals (and real ones too).  I worked with Michael who is the owner and he put together a beautiful arrangement using faux orchids and succulents.  I had scoured the internet for an arrangement but everything was too tall and narrow.  I already had the lidded jar in a closet and pulled it out to fill in the left side.  The candle holders are new from the store and I had the candles.    

I snapped a couple of pictures of Michael as he was creating it.  This is the 2nd time he's made an arrangement on the spot for me (I feel lucky).  

I think it's really pretty.  I wanted something with orchids and I wanted it to be wide but low in design.  I would never have thought of using the succulents like he did but it sure pulled the arrangement together nicely!

We played with accessory ideas and I decided to take the two candle holders on the left. 

The pillows aren't quite as orange as they appear in the photos but anyway they worked out to go  really well with the sofa.  I tried the new temple jar on the mantel but it felt better on the cocktail table.   The brass accents have been with me a while.  

I want to paint or stain the round wooden top setting on the white garden stool in brown so it will pick up on other things in the room and I feel it will ground it better.

The game table was moved over to a corner and the chairs fit but the corner felt crowded so I moved them over by the chest.  One of the goals for this room is to get new curtains and the other is to find a replacement chest for this striped one.  

I took the lamp away from the wood cabinet area and put it on this table.  I like the taller height for this table. 
I like Asian accents and had bought this big lidded pagoda style box to hold our remotes a while back.  I keep it in this corner and decided to try my bronze cranes I got years back from Bombay Furniture.  

I think the cranes make a good "Asian" accent too!  The black chinoiserie shelving unit came from Ethan Allen a while back.  I grabbed it when our local store was closing.  

I stripped everything off of this wood cabinet top and came up with a new look.  The clock looks good with the dining room set so I'm keeping it here.  I did try it on the mantel but it's too high in front of the picture.

The two dogs (mock Staffordshire dogs from Nell Hills) were over on the black shelving unit by the storks but I decided to bring them out since they also offer that coral/rust coloring for the room.

The clock is new.  Dan and I bought it as a commemorative item for our 40th Wedding Anniversary coming this Sunday.  I can hardly believe I'm old enough to say that but I am!  We found it at a clock shop in Frankenmuth, MI late last year and bought it ahead of time for our Anniversary.  There's a brass plate engraved with our wedding and anniversary date on the inside.  Dan and I like clocks- we get enthused when we're in a place like that!  This sounds as good as our big grandfather clock- it's amazing!

So these are my updates for now!



  1. Beautiful. I love, love, love those orange pillows.

  2. Simply elegant. Isn't it fun to find special decor
    that you like and brings a room together so nicely.
    Your new arrangement is a hit!! Succulents are stylish now
    everywhere. I love!> The temple jar with the pillows.
    Happy 40th Anniversary.
    Oh should mention I can't wait too see your spring garden and hostas.
    Linda C Seattle.

  3. Beautiful, Liz. I love the pops of color. The arrangement is such a nice addition to your mantle. xoxo

  4. Liz, your home is lovely. I like all the new tweaking and pieces you have added! The arrangement on the mantel is perfect under your lovely painting. Your clock is beautiful--happy anniversary to the both of you! I love using Asian accents and have many in my home. Some were my Mama's and some are pieces we have bought through the years. Have a happy week ahead! ♥

  5. You are just getting fancier and fancier!!! I love it! The color in the room really wakes it up, and the custom floral piece ties in perfectly!!! I really like your idea of stashing remotes in that beautiful pagoda. I hesitate to put ours in anything I really like or of any value because Dr. Bull-In-A-China-Shop would destroy it in no time. His favorite place to keep remotes is wherever he sits them down...and then forgets so that he can spend half an hour looking for them!!!🙄 Fabulous job, Miss Liz!!!

  6. Lovely floral arrangement Michael created. It looks great on the mantle with your new candle sticks. Pops of color awaken a room. Nice new look. The dogs and clock look fabulous together.

  7. So pretty Liz. I love the floral arrangement Michael made for you. Aren't you just in awe of peeps that can do something so pretty and creative right on the spot. Looks beautiful on your mantel. Have a great new week.

  8. Liz I just love the coral touches! It was so fun to see Michael at work for you! What a beautiful job he did! You would never find one premade that is so perfect. I admire your beautiful windows flanking the fireplace too! Everything is just lovely and so welcoming.

  9. You little bit of coral is lovely and that floral arrangement is gorgeous!!

  10. Love the new design Liz and how wonderful for Michael to do that gorgeous arrangement for you on the spot?!...Happy Anniversary!!!! The clock is indeed a most beautiful keepsake for your 40th!!
    Have a great week Liz!

  11. I don't know where to begin with this post! EVERYTHING is beautiful! How nice to get an arrangement made on the spot! The pagoda style box is GORGEOUS!!! I would love to find something similiar. Happy anniversary today! You think you feel old....Joe and I celebrated 59 years in Nov!!!! How the heck did that happen???? I love, LOVE the pillows. Orange/rust is a favprite color.

  12. Love these new looks, Liz! The arrangement on the mantel that Michael made is perfect, and so are the new accessories you have out. I also love Asian accents and have some in our LR. The chairs flanking the chest is a look I really like. A most Happy 40th Anniversary!


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