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January 12, 2021

Into The Blue and White


I mentioned that I had a collection of blue and white porcelain pieces from my Mom's home.  Everything here except the vase down below was from her house.

 I especially like these figural Chinese statue pieces.

I don't know a lot about the names that could be applied to these but I know they came from the 90's.
I ordered a base for the hexagonal vase to set on and it fit perfectly as though it had been made for it!  

I gifted her this dragon plate, one of the first things I gifted her after we were married in '78.  We lived in Chicago and I bought it from Marshall Fields.

Next is my display cabinet that I put some of her other items plus a few of my own.

The big platter down below was also a gift I gave Mom.  At that time her home had a sofa set with blue peacocks as part of the design.

I added the blue jar from a website known as The Enchanted Home and the Fu Dog I found at Home Goods. 

Some more modern design.  I used this large elongated brass dish loaded with some deco balls I've had for a while.

The pumpkin shape piece was another of my Mom's pieces and the Tulipiere pagoda vase also came from The Enchanted Home.  The elephant came from Pier 1. 

More modern deco, I added these two white and gold matching pieces along with this very large clear glass vase from Ethan Allen.

So that's what got me started on adding blue and white porcelain to my decorating!


  1. Hi Liz,
    Love your blue and white pieces and I love that a lot of them were from your mom's collection. How nice you have these pieces for your own home. Happy Tuesday. xoxo Kris

  2. You have some great pieces, and they will be cherished as they were your mom's. Cheers!

  3. The cat statue looks to be Herend porcelain, from Hungary.

  4. Love the figures. How special to have these sweet pieces from your mom’s house. The blue and white collection is quite lovely,

  5. You have such a beautiful collection of blue and white figures, Liz. And I think it's all the more meaningful that they were first your mom's. I have some of my mom's stuff and treasure it, partly because I like it but also because it was hers.


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