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January 24, 2021

Living Room Jan.2021


I've left the mantel the same because I'm satisfied with it.  The coral/orange centerpiece was created for me by a gentleman who owns a store up north of us called Monarch Garden & Floral.  I did a post about it "here".  The big ginger jar is again from The Enchanted Home and I carried the blue with a small blue jar.  I'm mixing the coral/orange with blue which is through the room.

Last fall we picked up a couple of new chairs and I sold my two wing back recliners. We managed to get them at a fraction of their cost because the store was closing and liquidating.
This is the other chair, it's motorized and sooo comfy! 

I picked up the pillow at Home Goods, I couldn't resist it.  It really doesn't go with my Asian theme but I loved it right off and knew it would go with this chair.  He looks like a British Captain so we'll just say that he is traveling to Asia!
Sun floods the room and is always appreciated during the winter months!
  The coffee table got a new tray and the acryllic bird piece.  The elephant was from a furniture store a while back.  It had no brand name on it so I couldn't find out more about it.

Lana our youngest cat just turned 2.

Teddy basking in the sun!
They are both Tonkinese, which is a siamese and burmese mix.   The look a lot like siamese but with a rounder head.

There you have my living room in 2021!


  1. I love your new chairs! Could you tell me what brand the recliner is? We’ve been looking for a new one and not having much luck. And what a sweet kitty!

    1. It’s made by Stickley. I sent you an email with info about it.

  2. You have so much space in there!!!!! I wish we had more, but I guess that would just be more for me to have to clean.🙃 Glad to see the sunshine. It’s definitely at a premium this time of year in the Midwestern states. I’m afraid we’re going to all turn into mole people!🤣

  3. Oh so pretty Liz. It does make such a difference when we get our sunshine in the winter months. Your sweet fur babies are sooooo cute and so elegant and match your decor lol! I love that recliner and the color so pretty. I have not seen that color in leather before. We are going to get up to 12 inches of snow today first big snowfall for us this winter. Have a great day. xoxo

  4. What lovely light in your beautiful room! Especially winter light, which is so sorely needed. And your dear cats are beautiful. I think when we get done with Covid -- or at least vaccinated and "out" a bit, I may go on a furniture buying jag and I hope I find a liquidation sale to help a bit. I'm in the market for two chairs and possibly a sofa for the cottage and maybe a love seat and dare I say it, another sofa, for home. (If I could pull that off, I'd take this one to the lake.) Well, maybe not all at once, but I am getting a little itchy for it. I hope I can find something that looks even half as beautiful as your piece!

  5. Liz, what a lovely comfortable and beautifully decorated room. I love the touches of decor throughout your room.....the ginger jars (I am a big fan of ginger jars), candlesticks, figurines, pillows and floral pieces. It looks like the perfect place to relax and find some serenity. Even Teddy, the kitty, seems to find it to be very tranquil. Stay warm and healthy.

  6. Liz, I love your living room so full of light and decorated so beautifully. Your new chairs are perfect. And that kitty pillow is adorable! Love it that he's a British Captain! Your kitties are beautiful and blend right in your pretty room.

  7. Liz, your living room is so inviting! Love the new chairs, Asian theme AND that fun pillow! Happy week! Zenda

  8. Liz, this room is so beautiful with the natural light coming in. The new chairs are so lovely in your space, thanks so much for inviting me inside!


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