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July 11, 2016

Sunday Stroll Thru A Favorite Gift Shop and Garden Center

Boy I am a sucker for these kinds of places!  We drove up to Glen Arbor and visited a little place called Wildflowers.  They have an outdoor area loaded with perennials and annuals plus some nice garden accents.  Their store is full of household decorative items like pictures, silk plants, pottery, small furniture pieces, candles, jewelry and so forth.  I don't know if I've ever left there with nothing in my hands yet!

As soon as we got out of the car I had to take some pictures. 

A cat statue sitting among some catnip!

My daughter has a Holland Lop bunny that looks a lot like this!

Of course I wanted this figuring made of aluminum but the price tag was too steep.

Nice variety of cone flowers.  I wanted to buy the real fat ones they were called something like Double Scoop Raspberry.

These are the largest Bellflower (Campanula) that I've seen.

Just to give you an idea of how large the flowers were!

I love the color of the day lilies in the pot- another raspberry kind of color.

This place is very enchanting to stroll through.

Love this too- heck I loved everything I saw!

Way down there is a small greenhouse with hostas that I always have to check out.

This is hard to make out but it's a metal gazebo.  Dan and I have liked it for some time but again it's pricey.

I've had my eyes out for a simple metal chair to put a plant on but everything I like is expensive or it comes in a set like this one did.

Red Lobelia or Cardinal Plant...I want some of this.

This is a cute playful scene with children finished in a bronze look.  I think it's made of aluminum and around $1,000 so I have to just keep admiring it.

This area was loaded all around me with hydrangeas.  Some are planted and they mix the new ones near them which makes for great impact.  I'll be heading to that little brown building soon!

I worked my way over to the hosta area.  I have so many I coudn't justify another one but I enjoy seeing them just the same!

This is part of the store area which has a railroad depot at one end.  The store owner had it moved here many years ago.

I finally made it to this 2nd little store area.  I didn't take pictures inside as there were a few other people in there and it's pretty tight inside.

I found this plant stand though and it came home with me.

It has kind of an industrial look to it.

I rearranged my plants which are basking in the sun.

I have a 2nd blog in case you'd like to visit where I focus more on my gardens.


  1. What a lovely, charming place for a gardener to visit. You sound like me when eyeing the prices. My husband says I can pick out the most expensive items from a mile away. Of course that doesn't mean I will get it. I like your plant stand and it looks so pretty arranged with your lush flowers. Thank you for sharing such a lovely spot. ♥

  2. Wow, Liz, so much beauty in one post! That's the kind of place I like to go to as soon as the weather warms up. You get so much inspiration. And like you, I'd want it all!

  3. Beautiful garden center, what a great place.

  4. What a great place, Liz. We have a few places like this nearby and I feel fortunate about that. Loved that metal gazebo! Have a beautiful week and I'm glad you got the plant stand!

  5. Hi Liz, what a great garden center. I could spend a lot of time browsing here for ideas. Love the unexpected pieces among the plantings. Love the plant stand you found. Looks great on your deck. xo

  6. Beautiful garden center. I love walking through places like that. We have a similar place here, but it is expensive. You get great inspiration, plus the joy of looking at all of the beautiful flowers.

  7. Thanks for sharing a wonderful garden center with us Liz. I'm crushing on that chair and bench.


  8. What a treasure of a place! Beauty all around!

  9. Hi Liz! Oh, what a most gorgeous place! I can see why you enjoy it! I love that little bunny. I hope you're doing well and thanks for popping in to see me. We've been traveling and I'm a little slow getting around.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. What a beautiful way to spend the day...wonderful garden center! Happy weekend, Liz!

  11. it is a beautiful garden full of life, it must be nice to live there
    good weekend


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