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July 9, 2016

July In The Fairy Garden

Things have taken off quite well here in the fairy garden!
 The Annabelle Hydrangea that anchors the corner of the fairy garden has just started to cast it's blooms- now turning white.

I added a little more flair...

A butterfly sipping off of some flowers in the little planter on the cottage... I lined it with moss and some sprigs stuck out so I decided to let them be.  The two flower pots were over by the gazebo but it's gotten busy with plenty of flowers over there so I brought them up here.

 The alyssum, thyme, sedum, and violas have all filled out nicely.

 I have some chipmunks that run through here and I have to straighten things up every so often.  The fiber optic grass is doing well in the corner.  Seems to be a fun addition to the garden this year.  

 This is when I love it most.  The little plants mingle with the stones and naturalize it.
I had to dig the little guy on the bench out from the alyssum since he had disappeared into it!  There is some Moss Rose/Portulaca mixed in there too.

 Can you spot the 4 fairies!  There are nine total throughout.

 She's always raking- the stones fall out of place ya know!

I don't know if you can see them but there's a branch with bells right by the bridge.   I'm still waiting for the 2nd cottage I ordered long ago.  They say it is due to be shipped...The red bricks await...for now the bicycle is parked there.

 Here- I zoomed in a bit so you can see the bell wind chime.
The fairies love to fly over the bridge and make the chimes dance while sprinkling their fairy dust along the way!

  Love that yellow sedum.

The faux grass turf I added looks more naturalized now too!

More fiber optic grass behind the gazebo and violas mixed in.  I put two small lattice fence pieces on either side this year to slow down the critter traffic.  It's helped a lot.

I do enjoy my fairy garden and like to check on it regularly.  I think the little fairies are doing a great job keeping it up this year!

Mr. Happy Frog has quite a garden going himself!  I'll have to keep the petunias trimmed so he won't disappear!

I'm going to take pictures this evening and show you how it looks with the lights on.


  1. Oh my what a delightful fairy garden - I've not seen one quite so lovely. The little fairies are just delightful - can't wait to see it with the lights on.

  2. You've done a lovely job of the fairy garden. It really appeals to me! I counted four ferries in the picture - they are all so dainty.

  3. I think it's fun to play in/with your fairy garden Liz, it looks so cute.


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