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July 15, 2016

Island Out Front- Mid July

I took a few more pictures in the early evening of the front island.

 Don't you just love it when a bunch of your flowers are blooming altogether!

When I first spotted these Shata Daisies at the garden center I liked how their flower heads stood straight up facing the sky and they start out a soft yellow and grow to a white color as they mature.  I cannot find any notes on the name of these which disappoints me greatly.

 I'm so pleased that this delphinium keeps coming back each year.  In the past I've had some that seemed to go for a couple of years and then just disappear.    Now I want another one, or two or three!

The coreopsis is at it's best right now!

 On the right is a large patch of Black Eyed Susan's that will be the next pop of color!

 I'm glad I made this border of coreopsis- they do well and make a great display.  

 We have been a little neglectful about keeping the edge of the island looking groomed this year.  We decided to forgo getting mulch this year- we'll catch up on it next year!

 I'm so tickled with the Butterfly Bush plant- it's gotten larger each year and makes such a nice display.  Great summery colors- orange, purple and yellow!

The purple looks so good standing next to the yellow.
Speedwell- Veronica and Zagreb Coreopsis

 When we created this island it was to cut down on some of the noise from the road out front and it has helped.  The blue spruces were much smaller then and I thought I had made enough room for their growth.  We've expanded the island 2 times afterwards and the spruce tree keeps getting larger!  I love seeing the branches go to the ground but it does present a problem with mowing around it on the other side.  I'm debating removing a few lower branches.  I just don't want to ruin it's looks so I need to be careful.

I'll leave you with this bouquet of flowers and wish you a very happy weekend.



  1. Liz, You are a true gardener. I love seeing all your beautiful flowers. what a wonderful sight for anyone going by your house. I always feel happy when I see someone's yard full of flowers. I feel like it's a visual gift to passers by. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Hi Liz, Your gardens are looking lovely! The daisies are (I believe) 'Banana Cream.' I have some, plus I have gifted them to a couple of friends. I really like them too.

  3. what is beautifil, blue delphinium is a pretty contrast

  4. Liz, I'm in love with all of your blooms! We have an old fence row in front of our new house and I want to create a perennial flower bed, too. I'm pinning your idea, we can grow all of the same flowers here in Missouri. Have a beautiful weekend!


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