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July 25, 2016

Crashing On my Fairy Garden

I debated on sharing this story but since I feel my blogging is a bit of a diary about my life I decided to go ahead and share it.

 Early last Thursday....
....we were under a severe thunderstorm warning.  Since were were warned of high winds and possible haile I decided to use this spare umbrella to cover my hydrangea so it wouldn't get damaged.  

I toddled out a while after the storm to remove the umbrella.  Then I proceeded to walk up and around to the flagstone patio area to add some stakes to the Annabelle Hydrangeas.  They tend to fall over easily and it had been on my mind to do for 2 weeks.

This should have been posted for me!
 This is where I started walking towards the hydrangea. 

I later figured out that this cement leaf shaped piece is what caused the trouble I am about to unfold.   The bottom side is round and I unknowingly stepped on it so it was like trying to stand on a ball.   Over I went like a building collapsing and I came down hard.

I crashed across all of this and left a path of destruction as shown below.

 I fell into the cement cottage, broke the light and some small pieces.

 My upper arm and head crashed into this area.   Thankfully these pieces fell over easily.

I knocked the wood stump over and broke a bunch of the hydrangea plant off.

 The little garden cart was smashed to smithereens.

 Somehow I didn't damage a thing in this area.

We have a trail camera mounted on a tripod that we often run in the evenings to see what is visiting my gardens.  It was still on and it captured part of my fall.  This is the only picture I'm sharing!  I got back up as fast as I could and when I  stood up I looked down and saw that my leg was inured and I was bleeding.  All I could think to do was to get inside. 

If you are squeamish you might not like this next picture.

 Both legs and knees got injured but this was the worst.
I took this picture in haste to send to my hubby because I was hoping he could come home.  I have never been hurt where I bled so badly and frankly I think I was in shock. 

I have giant bruises on my upper arm, and my ankle/foot area bruised up too.

Dan was on his way but by then I had made it to the bathroom to clean up my leg and get something on the wounds.  I sobbed a bit and in my silliness worried more about the destruction of my fairy garden than anything. 

 Later on when I got my courage up I went back out.  Dan had to take the light apart and was able to restore it.   

 He went above and I handed him the stakes and he helped me get the hydrangea standing up again.  I lost about 1/2 of the stems but frankly I thought it was worse.

 I haven't been doing much because I have new aches that appear each day.  I decided to lay low and let my body recuperate.  I took the wheels from the smashed garden cart and placed one along side of the cottage.

 I set the other wheel inside this grape vine wreath and I think it looks nice there. 

See how the corner of the brick is missing a little bit!  I think that's what got my right knee so badly plus the metal arbor and flower pot.

The bunny which had been setting near the garden cart got a new safer home on the rocking chair.

I'm much better today and ever so grateful this didn't turn out worse.  
Who knew gardening could be so dangerous!!


  1. Gosh, Liz, that was a horrible fall! Glad that your injuries weren't worse! Hopefully, you're healing up nicely. Then, you can get back to what you love in your beautiful gardens! Take care of yourself!

  2. I am so glad you're ok! How painful, both to your body & to your heart.

    I'm so afraid of doing that. My fairy garden is in a little corner going down the stairs to our back yard. I sometimes stand on the wall to work in the back of it & have thought how foolish that is....especially as I get older. I've been thinking about adding some secure stepping stones through the area just for me to walk on & make it a little safer. Maybe that's something you could do as well.

    Heal quickly!

  3. Oh no, you put an umbrella over your Hydrangea to protect it against storm and hail and then you destroy the Hydrangea by falling over your fairy garden into the shrub. That must have been a terrible crash, glad you could get up your feet and go inside. I understand your arms, legs and body were aching for some days but glad you are much better now. Be careful in the future, we are getting older and there are always accidents in small corners (of the garden).
    Regards, Janneke

    1. I know that made me so mad regarding the umbrella and my attempt to keep the plant unharmed and then what did I do!!

  4. Wow, that was some fall. I am so glad you didn't break your leg or arms.
    Your fairy garden still looks lovely. A few broken pieces at least. Take care of yourself. I know as we get older, more accident do happen. Our sense of balance is off. Darn that leaf stone....I almost fell down the garage stairs the other day. My long dress tripped me up...Take care.

  5. So sorry, I hope that you will soon be ok. It is very frightening when something like this happens isn't it so do take care of yourself, the fairies will soon mend their garden!

  6. Liz!!!!!! What on earth??!?!?!?!! Oh, my word! Girl!!!!!!! I know that had to scare the crap outta you! I'm really glad you were able to get up on your own (I'd still be laid out!) because those injuries look pretty painful. And those are just the ones you posted! I'm sure there were plenty other abrasions and bruises contributing to your pain. Oh, girl...are you trying to get a bed next to mine??!?!? ;-) I'm sorry about the destruction in your garden. I know how much you enjoy gardening and tending to your fairy garden in particular. Isn't it wild how your concern was more for the garden than for your own injuries? That's just how we roll!!! Hooray for you for creating a new look for the garden using some of the salvaged parts! The wreath idea is genius! I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but that now chipped brick adds character to the foundation beneath the fairy house. Too bad your poor knee had to suffer the consequences, though!

    PLEASE take care of your sweet li'l ol' self!!! You love life too much to spend it sitting around recuperating from falls!! I'm sending you virtual kisses on your boo-boos. :-)

  7. Liz, Oh my! What a fright it must have been tumbling down your fairy garden like that. I do hope you are feeling better.

  8. Oh my - glad it wasn't worse - for you or for the fairy garden. I did skim past the bloody part - but that's just me. Great documentation and great changes and fixes.

    And now I must catch up on blog reading, as I'm so far behind after a week of vacation.

  9. Oh Liz,
    I am so sorry you took a tumble.
    Glad you are mending and nothing is broken body wise!
    I would still be crying like a 5 year old. lol
    Please be careful out there.
    Linda C in Seattle

  10. Oh Liz, you really took a bad fall. I'm so sorry you got hurt but glad it was no worse and you didn't break a hip or more. I know these things happen so fast. The fairy garden can be mended or replaced. Thankfully you didn't hit your head. Oh my it's scary to think about and I would be crying too. Take good care, rest and heal. Hugs!!

  11. Liz, I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. Are you okay now? I'm so glad it doesn't appear that you have broken anything. It's just like you to take the broken pieces and make your fairy garden even prettier. That was a nasty fall, dear one, please take care and rest. ♥

  12. Oh, Liz! I'm so glad you weren't hurt worse! So sorry for your fairy garden but I think you've done a good job reworking what was left. I had an accident at the new house several weeks ago. I stepped wrong and my right leg fell down a vent hole all the way to my thigh. Talk about a bruise! I've never had one like that before!! Everyday I had a new ache or pain. All is better now but I know how you feel, lady! Take it easy for a couple of days and recooperate!

  13. Goodness! I'm glad it wasn't any worse-it looks pretty bad. You could have easily been more hurt. Gardens, hydrangeas, and fairy gardens can be repaired way easier than we can!!! If it involves Dr's, hospitals, x-rays etc. the garden is cheaper too. Be careful out there and hope you feel better soon.

  14. Oh Liz I am SO sorry that this happened to you! I do hope you recover soon. I have to say that your fairy garden is one of the most charming that I have ever seen.

  15. You poor thing! I feel bad about your body and your fairy garden. You'll have to give us an update.

  16. Oh dear - that was some fall. I am so sorry to read this, but glad that you are going to be alright. The fairy garden is lovely!

  17. Oh Liz...so sorry for your fall! I've been known to bang myself up walking right into pots and hose guards not looking where I was going. I love how you salvaged the wheel in the grapevine wreath! You garden is beautiful and I hope you're feeling better and taking it easy. :)

  18. Oh Liz, I hate to read about your fall and in your beloved garden at that. Glad you were able to get in your house to clean up the blood and injuries. Nice your hubs could start the repair of your fairy garden, it is so cute. Take care.


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