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July 19, 2016

Eary Morning in the Backyard Garden

I did a quick run around the backyard this morning to capture a few more pictures. 

 Standing a ways back I use my zoom and focus on the white impatiens which ends up creating a softened background.  I love that affect- kind of dreamy :-)

I know you've seen this view before but I like how the path was lit by the sun...

Turning around to this pie shaped garden area that the garden pathway follows and is one side of the patio.

 Love how this hosta took over this area.  I believe it was 2 or 3 hostas that were planted next to a tree that used to be here.  They've converged and made a very large clump!

These bright green hostas are called Amber Tiara.  They're a good border size hosta.  I'm planning to move them (early fall)  over to the area shown below in the next picture.  These guys are getting crowded out here.

 These two hostas were new last year.  They're doing very well this summer and I'm quite happy with them.  Notice how the day lilies are all pointing towards the West...looking for the sun!   I think I am going to lift these lilies and move them closer to the wall and then center these two hostas since they will eventually get a lot larger.   The amber tiara hostas from above can be planted in this area close to the stones and I think it will look great.

These are called Gypsy Rose.  Reading up on it I found it's a sport of another hosta called Striptease which I also have on the hosta island.

 Dappled sunlight for a few moments each morning. 

Notice the white lily in the forefront?  I broke down and replaced the one that was there before that the voles ate last winter.  I ran across it at Lowe's.  

 A few hours later I went out for a better picture of this are.  The white campanula has been blooming a good week now.  The sedum I planted a few years ago are all doing well.
 Notice my visitor- Mr. Chipmunk?

They're always so cute to see but they do anger me.  They dig holes to bury sunflower seeds that they find on the ground by the bird feeders and I've had to tidy up the fairy garden because of them. 

These Annabelle hydrangeas are one of my absolute favorites.  We had a good rain the other day and it caused them to fall over a bit.  That's the only negative to these big mophead type hydrangeas- they can be too heavy for their own stems!  I'm going to go out and add some stakes to them to keep them from breaking.

Wishing you a wonderful day!



  1. Liz, Always so pretty in your gardens. I love your hydrangeas. All your little cute things just make it sweeter there. Yes, those blasted cute chipmunks make me nuts too. Enjoy your time outside. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Love seeing your gardens, Liz! And you capture the beauty so well. Your pictures are always gorgeous. I can only imagine how beautiful it is, in person.

  3. It's perfectly lovely, I love the sun lite pathway, nothing better in my opinion.. I enjoyed my walk in your garden thank you havea agreat new week, with love Janice

  4. Beautiful shady backyard Liz and I have fallen in love with your cute chipmunk. Nevertheless I can understand your anger, I have the same troubles with the 'cute' rabbiets. Your Hostas all look so wonderful healthy no holes of slugs or snails, great!

  5. Liz, what a treat it is to stroll through your lush garden! Those hosta and gorgeous! Zenda

  6. Your garden really is looking beautiful isn't it! I love the hostas!

  7. beautiful, thank you for sharing


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