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July 28, 2016

This and That This Week #3

I took it easy all week long.

 I made a little tweak to this vignette.  I added the nautical pig and moved the knot ball over by the flowers where the artichoke was as seen "here".  Now I am gearing my mind up for a change on the plate rack.  I've really enjoyed this nautical setting but with August around the corner I want to create something that is very summery looking with flowers before we head into the fall season.

I tweaked my fairy garden a bit.  I have a new post on my garden blog that you are welcome to come visit "here" to see what I did in the fairy garden.

A friend of mine's husband passed away early this year.  She decided to sell her home and scale down to something smaller and my daughter bought her grill and patio set.  The patio set was black and she wanted it yellow so a few weeks ago we took it to have it sand blasted and powder coated.  We'll be delivering it this weekend.

I took this last October when she had just purchased her first house!  It came with a lot of nice landscaping including this decking that is also a patio.  Lots of mulch and no grass to mow on this little city lot which I found to be a great idea.  I'll be sure to get a picture taken as soon as it's all set up!

This is my Morning Glory vines I planted June 2nd and placed on the deck.  My idea was for the vines to eventually attach to the railings and then I could see the flowers from the house.  They want plenty of sunlight and we get the most here so it's working out well.

Today I was pleased to see the first bloom appear!  I forgot to move the tripod that has the trail camera on it.

Speaking of the trail camera- it caught one of the turkey's waltzing around the garden yesterday.

Such a pretty flower!

My view out the kitchen window.  It's a rainy morning so no sunshine but that's okay- a good refreshing rain is always welcome!

I like to think of my summer "deckorating" this year as my little conservatory.  I like viewing it from the kitchen dining table every day.  Notice that over to the other side of the deck along the railing I have another morning glory planted.  I look forward to seeing lots of blooms soon!

I hope you've had a good week so far and are looking forward to a great weekend!

That's all for This and That This Week!


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  1. I'm glad you are taking it easy after your tumble, Liz. Gazing out you window is a lovely thing to do on a rainy day. I'm a wee bit jealous as we need rain so badly. My morning glories are taking their sweet time climbing our trellis. They are in our sunniest spot as well. Yours are so lush and beautiful. Your daughter is going to love having a pretty patio set for her nice deck. It looks like she already has a pretty rose bush as a backdrop. ♥

  2. Hi Liz, healing wishes sent your way. Love your this and that post. Your flowers are all incredible. You are so blessed to live where they can thrive in Michigan. Too hot here for blooms like that. Love your daughters yellow patio set. She is such a pretty girl and her deck looks so nice and I know it will be gorgeous set up.
    Enjoy the rest of the day and weekend ahead. xo

  3. As always your garden is top notch. The yellow for the chairs is perfect; one of the colors that brings a smile. Love seeing the turkey. Would you think about a post on the trail camera and any recommendations or tips for buying? I'm intrigued with it. Must be weatherproof so some degree and the tripod sturdy. Thanks.

  4. I hope you are feeling better. Love the shot you took of the turkey. Your garden is very pretty.


  5. So sorry about your friend's husband passing. I can understand your friend wanting to down scale. Chelsea will love her new patio furniture. As always, your yard looks fabulous, turkeys and all. Hope you are resting and healing after that awful fall.

  6. Your vignette is looking fabulous ♥


  7. You have such a green thumb! All your flowers and plants and just beautiful. I love the chairs your daughter bought, especially in bright yellow!

  8. Oh, no, Liz! I'm so so sorry to hear you've fallen. You really did a number on yourself. You could have really broken something! You take care of yourself. The yellow chairs are cute. Your plants are just stunning! Now you take care of yourself.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Nice post, I love seeing your summer flowers on the deck plus your daughter's deck. Great yellow chairs too. Take care and be careful. Sometimes, my husband just tells me to stay in the house so I won't get hurt, although I have had tumbles in the house too.

  10. All the plants on your deck look great, especially your Morning Glory. I can see why the turkey came to visit :)

  11. Everything is so lush and beautiful Liz! Your morning glory and garden containers are thriving! I got a kick out of your turkey caught on camera :) I'm envious of your rain, we are dry and HOT and lugging a hose around in the morning is a chore. Hope you're on the mend!

  12. Your plants are always so gorgeous....you have a green thumb...and look at that photo bomber!...Love those bright and sunny patio chairs!

  13. Wow, Liz, your deck and garden are so lush and pretty. Great idea to plant the morning glory to run along your railing. The blooms are so pretty!
    Not everyday you have a turkey to photograph. Neat!
    I'm loving all the tweaking you have done and your future plans.I'm envious or your pretty limelight. I don't have much sun and mine is not doing much. You do have a green thumb.

  14. Love your updates you did. The turkey must have wanted to come get a look too! Your flowers are looking wonderful, hope you trying to take it easy and not over do it.

    Take care Liz, and thanks so much for joining the link party each week!

  15. I have talked my husband into finding someone to sand blast and paint an old outdoor set after telling him you all did. ha. Thanks. sheila

  16. Liz,
    The turkey stole the show, dear friend!
    I adore your little nautical pig, too!
    Gorgeous Morning Glories!

  17. How fun for your daughter to get a new to her patio set.

    I love the nautical plates. Do you think they would still be available anywhere?

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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