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July 8, 2015

Nighttime in the Garden

I often look out and enjoy the backyard in the evening but rarely take pictures. We were waiting for a storm to come through and some much needed rain so I thought I'd jump out and take a few shots.

I had to share this votive candle holder- it's from Pier 1.  I thought it was cute and it has a hinge and a latch so you can open it to put it around the umbrella pole or take it away.  I've removed it a couple of times to prevent it from getting wet and appreciated the design.

My Annabelle Hydrangeas are really coming along fast now.  It's interesting how the white colors stand right out at night.  I don't know why but these digital cameras tend to make it look lighter out that it really was.

I hand held all of this so they're not quite as good as they could be.

The new/old wagon out back.

The sum and substance hosta has really gotten big!

We're going to try a weed killer that uses 1/4 cup dish soap, 1 Gallon of white vinegar and 2 cups epsom salts.  Has anyone heard of this and if it works?  It's supposed to be quite potent but less toxic than the usual stuff like Roundup.  You mix it up and make sure the salt is fully dissolved.  Apply with a pump sprayer.  We're battling weeds and grass on the patio. The moss looks nice but the weeds like to plant themselves right on top and grow making it hard to get rid of them.



  1. I can never make my camera see evening like my eyes do either. Everything just glows, doesn't it? That candle holder is great!

  2. Just stunning!! So pretty!! We keep having rain here and another inch of rain is predicted tonight!! Many of my annuals are getting water logged!!


  3. Your garden is gorgeous, Liz! Your hostas are looking so pretty these days. I like the lighting you installed, too. You can enjoy your garden in the evenings. We've had so much rain, over 20 inches since May! My gardens are so soggy. :(

  4. Your garden is glowing in the dark Liz, with the lighting it looks a bit of a secret garden, lovely.

  5. Hi Liz, just gorgeous. Your garden is stunning in the evening and anytime of day but those night time lights are special. So cozy with the candles lit around the umbrella too.
    Have a nice day.
    hugs, cm

  6. Lovely....I am going to try the recipe and see how it works in our sidewalk.

  7. Don't let those weeds get out of hand!
    2 qts. White Vinegar
    1/4 c. salt
    2 Tbsp. Dawn dishwashing liquid
    *Mix together in a good quality spray bottle and spray directly on weeds. Be careful to not over spray on grass or vegetation, it will kill those too.
    I haven't tried this yet, my friend on FB suggested it.
    She gave me another tip: to clean shower
    2 oz Dawn
    4 oz lemon juice ( in the bottle )
    8 oz vinegar
    10 oz water.
    I did try this and it worked on my fiberglass shower stall.
    No scrubbing at all. I left it on 1/2 hour and just rinsed it off.
    Linda C in Seattle.

  8. I've heard about that weed killer but I guess my weeds are mutants who don't break at all... it's a continuous hard fought battle it seems. It doesn't help that I have plants and flowers nearby and I'm afraid of ruining them.
    I knew that votive candle holder would look dreamy when lighted on. Amazing atmosphere it creates... Love it!


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