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July 20, 2015

Master Bedroom Makeover

Come on in!

Our room is very small (12 x 12) so we will all have to squeeze in here together to look at it! 

I was inspired by a picture a while back with lots of beige and some blue and I decided that was the direction I was heading.  I felt it had a calming affect.

I also liked the way they did the curtains I and decided I'd center a couple of panels on my window to get a similar affect.  I tried to find a bolder pattern like this picture but ultimately I decided since my room is so small it would overwhelm it.  I came across the curtains at T.J. Maxx and picked up three sets (at $29.99 for a set of 2) and it all worked out great.  I use sheers to add privacy and I also have a pleated shade that's behind the sheers that's we use to help warm the window in the winter.

I added a chair that was in another room which is a deep rust color.
If I find a throw for the bed I'll add one. Hubby hates the big pillow stacks and since our room is so small I am not going to bother with too many pillows.

The view out our window is of the back yard is nice but you could walk up to the window and look right in very easily so I like the privacy sheers.  I took this while we were beginning the painting job.  The room used to be a golden tone and was decorated with a Tuscan influence.

The lamps on the end table were picked up last fall (on a 50% of sale) and were part of the influence for the choices I made for the curtain rods, mirror and pictures.   

I wanted the room to take on a little more of a modern characteristic.  I chose a mirror to go above the bed to create the feeling of a window and it should draw in more light from the real window.  My night stands are turned sideways because the room isn't big enough to do it otherwise.  We need a new light fixture but I didn't want to push hubby too far on all of this- he did all the painting so I have to say again say a big "THANK YOU" to him for this!  

The paint is by Benjamin Moore, from their new Aura group and is called Harmony (it's fantastic by the way- the coverage is amazing and the color is spot on).
The bedding is from Soft Surroundings.  I chose a coverlet which works great for this bed because it's thin enough to tuck around the corners and sides which I like doing.  The pillows were from them too and I've ordered a third pillow that will pop in a little rust which is the third color I wanted to add but I won't have it for a little while. 

 The larger pictures were a find on a weekend venture and were on a good markdown so home they came with me! I liked that they had a little rust and blue in them.  The little bird pictures were a newer find a couple of weekends ago.  

This room ended up taking on a nature theme with the tree branch print on the curtains, cut work fern design on the lamp, birds and florals in the pictures, and the dried grasses I used in the torches (which I took from another room as seen "here"

 This little picture is from Venice.  My parents went to Europe on a multi country tour back in the late 70's and Mom purchased this from one of the local artists that sell them on the street.  I decided to hang it low so I could see it from my bed when laying there.  

So there you have it- my new makeover of the master bedroom!

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  1. you did a great job with this bedroom! I like the soft colors you chose and not using a lot of pattern. I think that helps in a small space.

  2. Your bedroom looks very serene and restful. The blue is perfect with your neutral colors. Very pretty Liz! Sheila

  3. Looks beautiful, Liz! I love your restful colors. I love the blue. I still need to make curtains for my bedroom and one day I'll show it to blogland. Just got back fro your garden blog! Oh, my goodness! Your gardens are just so beautiful! Wish you were my neighbor!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Liz,
    You had me with soft surroundings, soft hues, window with a view and your art work!
    I love it, every single moment of it!

  5. Oh Liz, it is so pretty. I love those new lamps and the drapery treatment is perfect.

  6. Your room is beautiful! I especially like your lamps. Sometimes a small room helps us keep things simple. You've created a clean and sophisticated room!

  7. Liz, I love it. Beautiful room and I love your colors!

  8. Very pretty update! The room doesn't feel as dark and closed in. You gave your small room a real breath of fresh air now. I love it.

  9. Love the curtains and lamps. The chosen colors are very calming. The view out the window really extends the eye.

  10. Pretty Liz, love for lamps and window treatments


  11. Hi Liz, your master is gorgeous. I love the soft colors and the touch of blue with rust. I love Soft Surroundings too. We have a store here but not close by. I do receive the catalog.
    Your curtains are beautiful and I love the night stands turned with the drawers facing each side of the bed. Lovely lamps too. It really turned out perfect. Such a restful and peaceful space.
    Have a nice evening. cm

  12. Liz,
    Elegantly styled Master Bedroom, dear friend!!!
    I adore the tranquil, serene color palette!!!
    The view from your window is breathtakingly beautiful!!!
    "Mr. Ed" and I recently purchased "new~to~us" nightstands
    at a Consignment Shop and they appear to be similar to yours!!!
    Thank you for sharing your Master Bedroom Make~over!!!

  13. Liz, your "new" bedroom looks beautiful! I love the colors, very restful and serene. Just what a bedroom should be! Your bed is beautiful too. Great idea to turn the nightstands!!! I never would have thought of that!

  14. oooh, so cozy and comfortable. I love your gorgeous duvet!

  15. This is amazing and love how you made this small space work for you too. It is cozy and soft and comfy. I always feel our bedrooms should be our sanctuary and you have done a great job. Thanks for sending me this link to your sweet "smaller" bedroom space.


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