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July 16, 2015

Kitchen Dining Plate Rack Mid Summer

I've been dragging my feet on doing things indoors lately.  Doesn't that seem to be the way it goes in the summer!  

I was staring at the plate rack thinking I'd like to spruce up the top area a bit so I did the "shopping my own house" routine and put this together.
The milk bottle came from Michael's a few months ago. My husband was raised on a dairy farm and they had Holstein cows so this had extra meaning for purchasing it.  Holstein cows produce the highest yield of milk and therefore are the most widely used for dairy production.
 I tucked the blue vase just behind the white cow vase so it looks good from this side and the blue picks up on the plates as well as my giant blue vase that's just below the rooster.  After studying my pictures I've decided I'm going to paint the red basket that's on the wall black.  It will look more cohesive and better with the clock that's above it.   I'm working on hubby to add the beadboard wainscoting that I've wanted for years.

The dishes I've used several times are called Devon Cottage by Johnson Brothers.

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  1. I love the blue and white, Liz. Thanks for the milk production lesson with cows, too. So glad to see you enjoying the inside of your home, too. I'm inside for the duration of summer (as much as possible, anyway). It'll be over 100 today. I'm heading out to your garden now. I'll see you there! :-)

  2. You're so good about changing things around in your eating area. I always like what you do!

  3. I really love your plate racks and those blue plates! Summer is a good time to be outside and skip those indoor jobs! Sheila

  4. Hi Liz, I really enjoy seeing the subtle changes with such big impact that you design in your dining area. Love this look and the milk bottle was a great find. I love blue and white and with black it is stunning, I have that going on in my kitchen for summer with a pop of aqua.
    I visited your garden the other day. It is gorgeous and I wish I had your green thumb.
    Have a nice weekend. cm

  5. Such a nice addition to the plate rack. I have always admired blue and white, however I don't seem to have any in our home. Your gardens look beautiful. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  6. So pretty Liz. Michael"s has some great d├ęcor items. Have a great weekend


  7. Liz, I love the new styling and your dishes are so pretty in the plate rack!

  8. Nice changes, Liz! Looks great! Oh wainscoting - your room will look AWESOME and bright and updated and cottage-y and farmhouse-y when you do. Hope that can happen for you soon, my friend. A little while ago I gave my husband a little bitty Honey-Do list. I don't think he liked it, but, well, gotta keep movin and shakin, eh? Hugs. ♥

  9. Liz,
    Gorgeous restyling of your wall cabinet, dear friend!!!
    I adore that you include pieces that remind your husband of his years on the dairy farm!!!
    Those blue & white dishes are charming!!!
    I agree. . .the heat has "zapped" my energy level, as well!!!
    Your gardens are exquisite!!!

  10. SO PRETTY! I love that milk bottle and what it means in your family!


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