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July 13, 2015

Lily time once again!

The lilies are blooming all around the yard.
This area near the granite bird bath is my "pink" garden

I try to list the plants in the "label" area if you don't see it listed on the post look there.

I had to encase the rose bush (what's left after bunny ate most of it).  There is one bud close to opening on it.  

I have mostly pink flowers, some deeper wine colors and white.   Somehow one of my white lilies made it down here (It's nestle next to a very pale pink one).  I think the chipmunks have been re-landscaping for me.

This planter has grown a lot.  There are some orange petunias in the center but they are barely blooming right now.  I think they are fighting for little space.  I trimmed the fiber optic grass away from the center to see if it would helps these petunias to get larger and make their presence known!  The crazy flying pig is set up like a weather vane and spins around when it's windy!  

 I came across this over the weekend.  Look at the size of the flower!  I hope it will come back for me each year.  It's called Cappuccino Gloriosa Daisy (Rudbeckia/Blackeyed Susan's)

I put it out with my "orange-yellow garden" which is by the driveway.  The soil has always been rich over here- seems to be an area never touched by any modernization over the years.  Look at that rich black dirt!

 I moved all these two toned lilies over here in 2012.  The plain orange ones are some I've had in this area sine the early 90's and have withstood abuse from several garden transformations.

The lily of the valley plants keep spreading out.  I really don't want them here since they are invasive and can choke out other plants. 

 On the other side of the driveway is our island. The Cranesbill/ perennial geraniums have been blooming for a while and I really didn't take much in the way of pictures when the peonies were blooming.  There's a few white ones that were just about done when I took this. 

Max Frei Cranesbill

These yellow lilies were blooming for a good while but a pretty much done now.  I took these pics over a week ago.  This big blue spruce tree has gotten so much larger than I ever anticipated.  I hate to trim the bottom branches away because I love how it looks with their branches all the way to the ground but I know why people do it.  We've enlarged this island a few times to give it more room but there's a limit to doing that.  

The delphiniums are looking fabulous but as you can see below the rain can cause problems with them.

 The poor delphiniums are bent over from the rain we got.  Hopefully I can get them standing with some more staking.  We created this island to help reduce some road noise and give us something to look at other than the road in front of our home.  I'd like to take it way over towards the woods but our septic field lays over there and we don't want to create any issues with it.  
The daisies are just starting to open up and the coreopsis is doing fabulous this year.  Each plant is full and larger!  Yay!  

 Zagreb Coreopsis, Veronica Speedwell

This Butterfly Weed plant is a favorite for butterflies and bees.

In May when this weeping cherry should have been flowering I thought I had lost it.  The pathetic look of the leaves and lack of flowers sure made me think it was another loss.  

I'm happy to report that after I trimmed it and made sure it got watered a lot it's looking much better.  I lost some of the longer draping branches but I'm sure in time it will recover.  The Stella de Oro day lilies have been blooming great this year too.  
(Our flag pole is not crooked, but I cropped this from a larger picture and this was on the end of the curve that's created from the lens and somehow it seems to make it look quite crooked!)  

Out back again- The Annabelle Hydrangeas are performing beautifully!  

Final thoughts...
Isn't this the truth!
Have a great week!



  1. Liz, Your gardens are prize winning in my book. Beautiful and some unusual things. I love seeing them all. Blessings for a great new week, xoxo,Susie

  2. Liz,
    Your gardens are such a treat for me. Living in Texas our Summer gardens begin to look sad about this time of the year, and no matter how long I live here it always frustrates me, because I equate Summer with gardening. So, having said that just look at your hydrangeas! Seriously they are stunning as is every thing else.

  3. Your garden surprises me each time I see it. Glad the weeping cherry is recovering, it looks pretty good again, but first photo was the surprise, love that steps and the pink garden with all those lilies blooming so beautiful. These lilies are difficult in my garden and the lily beetle is a nuissance here.
    Enjoy your summer in your beautiful garden!

  4. Liz,

    What a treat it is to see your beautiful garden.
    I never tire seeing how pretty everything looks
    in full bloom.
    Linda C in Seattle.

  5. Hi Liz, your garden is out of this world gorgeous. You have the most beautiful lilies. All your plants and blooms are stunning. Like I've said before, I see a garden magazine feature in your future. Texas has it's best time early spring. Now it's so hot, we are struggling to keep everything going and pretty. It is what it is and that is Hot!!
    Happy Summer! cm

  6. Oh my - such loveliness. The lilies are amazing - and the other garden beds are like dreams. There are several plants I've never seen before - what enchantment.

  7. Liz, I'm amazed at how many beautiful flowers you have! Your thumb is so much greener than mine, so I can enjoy your flowers without having to plant my own. :-) Thanks for the tour of your landscaping. It's all simply stunning!

  8. How funny, I came home with a giant flowered rudbeck today,too. Only mine's solid yellow. And the kids picked out a four-inch pot of Butterfly Weed, I hope I can find a good home for him.

  9. Always love seeing your garden Liz! My Lilies really aren't that pretty I'm afraid. Need to plant Asiatics instead I think. Cut my Delphiniums down a week ago and now waiting for a second bloom. One of my favorites. I bought a few Rudbeckias this weekend as well.

  10. Oh, Liz! Everything is so lovely! You have so much space to have a huge garden! You certainly know your plants and you do have the greenest thumb.
    Be a sweetie,,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Just beautiful Liz! I didn't realize you had a garden blog too, I'd love to sit with you in your garden! I haven't had any luck grow delphinium with our heat. I was just looking at some varieties online that are more heat tolerant. I have Annabelle hydrangea envy too :)


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