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July 9, 2015

Rock Garden, Sedum and Whites Flowers

Around June 23rd I did little transplanting and rearranging of this area where my Fairy Garden was located last year.
All the "pinks" dianthus were planted last year when I had the fairy garden on this corner.  This year I decided to expand a little bit more on the sedum plants since they were originally put there to be with some rocks.  I felt the dianthus looked too busy and didn't really enhance anything except to add some color.

I used my garden cart to toss the plants in and had it loaded with some water so the plants would be kept hydrated while I moved things around.  These plants are hardy- I didn't put them into the ground for a couple of hours and they didn't even wilt or act like they had transplant shock.

So here it is minus the pinks.  I am happier with it now.

 I put in two Sedum "Abbeydore" plants which are described as having a blue green foliage topped with pink florets in late summer.  I transplanted and cut back some of the other sedum.

There is a White bell-flower Campanula (which I planted in 2013 as seen "here") that will soon bloom (next to the new sedum)  and I think that is a perennial geranium blooming near it.  I don't remember planting it though!

I like this look a lot more now- seems more calm and fits in the landscape much nicer.

I went out this morning an snapped off these shots.  The Bell Flower Campanula started blooming and as you can see the plants have recovered from the adjustments.

On the other side of the path are my gold flame Spiraea.  I trimmed them down pretty severely last fall because they were getting gangly looking.  I didn't expect to see flowers because of the timing of my trimming but alas they did grow back quite well and are blooming!  The bees and butterflies love them!

 Sadly I have to report that so far this is the only bloom on my Endless Summer Hydrangeas and I don't see any signs of other blooms which should be showing by now.  Ho hum…. :-(

The Annabelle Hydrangeas are doing fantastic!

The sweet potato vine is starting to fill out a lot more.  I like the coloring of this variety.  It seems like a good mix too with these white Big Bounce Super Impatiens that are good in the sun!

Bye for now!

Thank you so much for the visits- I've been noticing I'm not getting updates on all the comments in my e-mail so sometimes I miss a comment that's been made until I check back.  I'm trying to get around more to visit my fellow gardeners but have to admit I've been missing a lot.  Sorry about that I'll try to do better!



  1. It all looks so tidy now. And don't worry too much about the online visits. Summer is supposed to be relaxing and care free. I'm just now trying to catch up on two weeks worth of unread posts and it's overwhelming! What did I do with my time before cameras and computers!? ;)

  2. I wonder if for the Sweet Potatoes I can do it from a - ahah - sweet potatoe. I love the look and I have two pots for it. Right now might me too hot to have a try but in Autumn... or should I wait for next Spring? Is there a DIY guide I could look for to grow them?
    I'm happy with my garden... at least this week nothing died or was hit by some plague. Even a rose bush I feared I had destroyed is coming back to life. One day I'll have a tiny gorgeous garden more like yours :dream on teresa: ahahahah
    Your garden is so lovely. So full of lovely and whimsical nooks :). Love it.
    You do so much and inspire me so much, Liz. Thank you!


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