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July 24, 2015

Annabelle Happiness!

This year my Annabelle Hydrangeas look the best they've ever been!  
I planted this one in 2011 and after 4 years it's matured and looking good.  
 The fairy garden cottage has a new red roof!  I like how it stands out now.  Everything in the garden seems quite happy and flowering nicely.

 To maintain the Annabelle's I was told to cut it down each year in the fall to a few inches.  Obviously the flowers grow off of all new growth so it's not a problem to cut them back.  Each year the stems come up stronger and seem to hold the weight of the flower even better than before.  
I give this hydrangea a big *10* that's for sure!
 This flower pot with the Gaura (Belleza Dark Pink) has taken off nicely.  I am in love with the Gaura plant but it does get tall and needs some support.  I have some bamboo sticks hidden in there but somehow it escaped the props so I need to help it again.  That is a pink bacopa (Secrets XXL Central Pink) in the front that I love too!  The alyssum has carpeted the sides and the blue salvia (Sky blue) has filled out nicely.

 These measure 10 to 12" across!

The fairy garden tree stump is fully shaded now.
Something keeps eating my violas so they aren't doing much.

 This one has molded itself into the arm of one of the path lights

 Before long they will start to turn green and when they get real papery looking I can cut them to dry for arrangements.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Liz,
    Today was a perfect day to sit with you in your garden, dear friend!!!
    Your Annabelle is truly a show stopper!!!
    I do think your "cutie" baby bunny is the culprit of the vanishing viola. . .
    "teeny tiny" l o v e d eating ours here on the Prairie!!!
    Thank you for the invitation to visit your Gardens. . .
    I plan to come again, soon!!!

  2. Hi Liz, I just love your gorgeous garden and your pretty Annabelle is doing so wonderful. Those blooms are stunning. These are going to make a perfect dried arrangement. The fairy garden is precious and I love your sweet little cottage. Enjoy and thanks for the invitation to visit.
    Happy Weekend, cm

  3. Liz, I also look forward to your blog and today was not a disappointment! I love your flowers and your whole yard. I started my fairy gardens because of yours. I was in Traverse City last week and thought of you and your lovely

  4. Oh, Liz, how enchanting! The fairy house adds a whimsical, magical touch, and I am smitten by your gorgeous Annabelles. Thanks for this beautiful tour!

  5. Oh my gosh, that hydrangea is STUNNING! I now have another to add to my wish list! ;)

  6. Hi Liz! Oh, your hydrangea is beautiful and the bus is so full! I love it. I'm excited to have one too and took your advice to make sure it's watered as it sets in. You have such a beautiful garden!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I will follow you advice my hydrangeas always look a bit odd.

  8. Liz, I knew I love Annabelle hydrangeas but now I'm itching to plant some! My MIL had some in her garden before she moved, that I always admired. Your blooms are glorious, there is something so cool and refreshing about white in the heat of summer. Love your adorable fairy garden too.. ♥

  9. Hi Liz..have never heard of the Annabelle hydrangeas - they are gorgeous. LOVE the white. My mop heads are all blue and purple. Would love some white some day...

  10. Stunning Liz. I love the name and how gorgeous they look. Your garden is alive with pretty blooms, perfecting for drying and cuttings.

  11. Hydrangea arb.'Annabelle' is also one of my favorites, it's such a grateful plant, beautiful pictures!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  12. What a lovely setting a BEAUTIFUL garden.

  13. So glad I read your garden blog . I plan on planting some hydrangeas this fall . Annabelle will certainly be on my list. Your garden is beautiful. It must give you so much pleasure to spend time in it.

  14. So glad I read your garden blog . I plan on planting some hydrangeas this fall . Annabelle will certainly be on my list. Your garden is beautiful. It must give you so much pleasure to spend time in it.

  15. I love your little fairy house! The hydrangea is beautiful too isn't it, I can see why you love it! xx

  16. Liz, those hydrangeas are stunning! I can't imagine heads that are that huge. The whole garden looks perfect and could be in a magazine. Your fairy garden is darling! I just posted a fairy party. The summer is just going too quickly, isn't it?


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