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February 2, 2015

Randomness and Superbowl Sunday

On Superbowl Sunday we had brunch in town and then we went over to the Grand Traverse Resort to visit the Home Expo.  It's a gathering of contractors that pay to have booths and demonstrate new things that are available and get their name out there. 
 I was going to take pictures once we got into the area but I felt too conspicuous so all I took was the entryway to the Governors Hall where they held it.  That's their advertisement for the show and as you see they tied football into it.  There were businesses & restaurants that closed at 3 yesterday to let people go home to watch.  It's almost a national holiday!

The first summer when we had just moved into this house I awoke to see a few of these guys grazing in our front yard!   Yep...they look real big in your front yard!  My home is way off the the left just the other side of the woods that you can barely see.   Thankfully that hasn't been a regular event! 

Why are there Buffalo in Northern Michigan?   It's because the Oleson family has been raising buffalo for years and sells the meat at their grocery stores.  Buffalo meat is lower in cholesterol so they promote it with that as a bonus.  The herd moves around from hill to hill in the spring and summer to graze but at this time of year they rely on being fed hay (which is stocked up in the barn down the hill) and I imagine some other grain.  They don't mind the cold as you might think- they are pretty hearty.  This is just a small bunch of them that were close to the road so I snapped a picture with my cell phone. 

 Before we left for brunch I started a meal in the slow cooker.  I browned up some floured chicken- added in chicken stock, potatoes, carrots, onion and I threw in some green pepper (to see if I'd like it) into my slow cooker.  It was OK but I'll stick to celery next time.
We aren't too exciting around here- I didn't even make any snack food for the game, but I was pretty much alone anyway.  Dan was puttering in his work shop most of the time- he isn't what you'd call a sports fan.  He did show up for half time which was "different"!  I'm a bit of a fair weather fan- I wait for the big events to watch.  What an exhausting game- so many highs and lows!

Every time I go out to the garage I see my Annabelle Hydrangeas that I dried late last summer.  They're literally hanging around (right by my car) waiting for me to do something with them.  I'm dreaming about spring and Easter already and I hope to put them to use by then.  It's a favorite time of the year!  

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  1. I love buffalo meat. I used to love Ted's Montana Grill in Atlanta. Hope you enjoyed the Expo. xo

  2. We have buffaloes here in Missouri, too, and I'm pretty sure they are just raised to be sold locally. Those things are huge!!

    Super Bowl fever was going on everywhere! I love how it's almost like a religion! That was one of the best games ever...except for the fighting at the end. I hat it when they fight. It's so juvenile!

    Sounds like you guys just had a nice, relaxing day. That is a GOOD thing!

  3. Hi Liz, I imagine the Expo was great fun. Love seeing the buffalo. We have them all around us here in Texas and you can be at a stop light and see them off in the fields minus the snow. LOL Your slow cooker dinner looks like it was delicious.
    Glad you missed most of the snow. My family in Riverview said they got 16 inches.


  4. I bet you had a great time at the Expo..many ideas and inspiration. Having brunch is our favorite. Slow cookers are the best to provide us with a lovely meal. Love your dried flowers.

  5. Liz, my hubby told me that he looked out our bathroom window the other day after he'd gotten out of the shower and dressed. He saw 4 deer standing there. Imagine what a surprise if he saw a buffalo. lol! They certainly are big. Wouldn't want to get up close and personal with one. It was just hubs and I for the game. We cooked poppers and taquitos and called it good. He-he! Love your gorgeous Hydrangeas! Spring is my fav season also. We are having record warm temps and I actually cleaned up all the front beds today. Crazy! We do need more snow, but I sure do love this warm weather!

  6. Hi Liz! Oh, my goodness! Look at the buffalo! Now that would certainly wake me up in the mornings. Your meal looks so good. We aren't football fans by any means and never watch but we always watch the Superbowl, me mainly for the half time show and the commercials. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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