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February 9, 2015

Plate Rack Tweaking

About a month ago I decided to make a change with the wall area by the kitchen dining table. 

When I first got this plate rack I had it mounted a bit off center because I wanted a larger space to the left for things like the flag picture.  

 Then I switched up and used a metal tin wall pocket and varied the items on the wall from time to time.

 I still love the wall pocket but right now I haven't figured out how to use it in this area. This conversation will make more sense when you see the pictures a little ways down.

 As you can see there was a fair amount of wall patching done.  A new coat of paint was applied and then I was ready to start putting it back together.  We centered the plate rack and lowered it a little bit.

I put out a question about an idea I had for this wall and asked for some thoughts from friends on Facebook.  I had an initial idea of using some of those crown molding ledges.  Sometimes they call them a floating shelf because you can't see the hardware. I imagined them going on either side, but the idea didn't seem to go anywhere.

My friend Linda from Life and Linda made the suggestion to try some sconces.  Initially I resisted the idea because I felt it was going to formalize the space but I kept it under consideration.  Finally one day an idea struck.

In order to keep a casual farm style look I imagined a very simple forged metal sconce.   I went looking for it on the internet and this was as close as I came.   The picture quality was so poor I really wasn't sure what it would look like so I was apprehensive about ordering it.  I decided to shop around my own area and see if I might fine something before I ordered anything.  I hate to return things especially when shipping is so expensive these days.

I stopped in at a small furniture store and found a pair of sconces.  They were a bit shorter than I had been visualizing but they had the simple forged metal look that I had in mind.  I think they call this flat strap meta.  There was a store wide sale going on and when he said they were $39 each but half off I couldn't resist!.

I put flameless candles inside the candle sleeve that have the timer and remote option.
As you can see I emptied the big blue vase.   I plan to re-paint the walls to a creamy white which is funny because that's what they were before I changed the color two times!

A little ambiance for the evening hours- those timers are the best!

I like the neatness of this look but I kept feeling like there should be something else just below each sconce.

These little cow plaques were by the clock- I thought I'd see how they'd look under the sconces.  I could paint them a dark bronze to create a uniform look, lighten them up or just leave them alone.  Remember too that I want to paint the walls the creamy white (and the door) so the plaques will have more contrast to them against the creamy white (the current wall color seems to absorb them a bit)
Scroll between the picture above (without the plaques) and below (with the plaques) and tell me which one you like better and also whether you would change the color of the plaques.

The best thing that came out of this is that I like how the sconces dress up the plate rack- kind of like putting on a pair of earrings with your little black dress!

This is my favorite shot- it offers the best perspective.

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  1. The sconces look perfect. I like the look without the plaques.

  2. I love this look Liz! The sconces do look nice! I love that plate rack you have too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Liz I love the look of the sconces on both sides of that pretty plate rack and I also loved that beautiful blue vase filled with the wheat.

  4. Ilove the sconces. I also like the plaques but if you hang them I would put them above the sconces. Then the sconces ground the arrangement. Just a thought. If you paint the wall white then I would darken the plaques. Thanks for your visit and sweet comments too.

  5. The iron sconces are PERFECT for either side of your pretty shelf. Great idea!!
    Mary Alice

  6. What a beautiful rack. I love your iron sconces (brilliant idea to add flameless candles) and the cow plaques.

  7. The sconces look great and the candles make it so easy to have some added ambiance. I don't care for the little plaques under them, because they are too small. Sometimes, you have to just play with things.

  8. Liz: I love the sconces you chose. If you want to use the plaques Paint the wall first to see how they would look repainted. Then lower the sconces a little and put the plaques ABOVE the sconces. Also lower your clock on the side wall to even things out. It all looks great and you are my kind of gal...tons of holes in the walls until I get it right! Hugs, Joy from theoldefarmhouse.blogspot.com

  9. Liz, you are the one person I know who will change a paint color in a room as readily as other people change their underwear!!! Goodness, woman! Where on earth do you find the energy??!!?! I wish I had that kind of energy to change around furniture and accessories on a whim like you do! Really!!! I am giving you a standing O (not really...I can't stand at the moment, but you get the gist of my intentions!).

    As you know, I've been on Pinterest a LOT lately, and there are a billion-and-one ideas on there for wall accessorizing. If you're still feeling like you want to do more or catch another whim (we all know you will!) to change it, set yourself up with a gallery wall board for inspiration. Meanwhile, I love the sconces, and I'm glad you went with LED candles for safety. The addition of the cow heads - which, being from cow country, I L-O-V-E - is great!!!

    I'm torn on whether or not to darken the cow heads. I agree with Pinky that if you paint the walls white, then the heads should go darker. Maybe of a wash rather than all dark? I don't know. I know...I'm no help at all! :-) Good luck!!!

  10. Every one of the walls were gorgeous! I was just thinking as you said you changed this and that, that you would have holes all over the walls, so I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the patched wall! You are not afraid to tackle a project!! What a fun and versatile rack that looks so different depending on what you hang alongside it!

  11. Hi Liz, Your wall turned out fabulous. I love the scones on each side of your wall hutch and the cow heads are a great addition. It just looks perfect!! You are amazing~
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, CM

  12. I love the new look! It really made a difference lowering it a little, too. The sconces are perfect!

  13. Your wall looks great, Liz!! The scones are perfect with your plate rack and I vote NOT to paint the cow plaques. They may get lost or look like they're part of the sconces.

  14. I wouldn't paint the cow plaques... I love them the way they are. I know you too. And one day you'll change (again ;)) the decor and they'll suit with the neutrals you'll come up with by then. They would look great in black, though... (let me just sit and wait this out ahahahah
    I love the sconces. But I love all things iron... and in black! It's almost a craving. Even when I have a not the best look of something I always think that a coat of this black would do wonders ahahahah
    I love how you start playing around the home when you think it's time to Winter to move on ;) - "Here's your hat, Mr. Winter" is this kind of post from you.
    Have Fun!

  15. I love your sconces, and was very surprised how they changed the space once you added them! You're so right: they just finish off the space beautifully and really highlight your dishrack. I can't help you with your plaque decision: you have much more design sense than I have! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch


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