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February 16, 2015

Another Tweak on the Corner Table

I think I should call this Tweak it February!  I seem to be on a roll tweaking around the house.  Winter does force you indoors a lot more especially up north here.  With temps ranging from a high of 17 degrees to low of -9 lately it sure isn't very inviting to get out and do much!  Sooooo....... I tweak the inside of my house.
I recently showed you my plate rack tweaking in the kitchen and one day while studying the plate rack wall I shifted my eyes over at the corner where I keep my burlap covered round accent table.   I finally hit me that the big arched mirror had to go.  It really had a lopsided affect.
 The mirror was initially bought to go on the wall above the fireplace.  A portrait picture ended up in it's place I that's when I decided to try it by the corner table.

I also decided to remove the extra large 38" glass table top that I had put on it and going back to the actual 30" size that it is.  I did like the extra large top but the burlap table topper never fit it and I couldn't bring myself to spend the well over $100 on a new one.

 I had to keep the cloth shifted on an heavy angle to get me by but that bugged me too!  On the left and right sides it was several inches short. 

Sooooo.....I decided I wanted to try something hung on both walls create a better balance.  I  already had these pictures which were in our bedroom and decided to give them a try.  I took a lamp from the living room which turned out to work here perfectly. 

This feels more appropriately proportioned now and it makes me happy that I had everything to do this without purchasing anything new.

I feel like the theme of the pictures and the woven basket design of the lamp are a good pairing!

While building this post it dawned on me that the pictures seemed a bit too high.  When I first put them in place the lamp wasn't part of the design and once the lamp was there they needed to be lowered.  Trust me it looks better especially in person.  Holes are patched and touched up with paint...done!

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  1. Your new corner table look is really nice. Love that lamp and I had to giggle at the table cloth on an angle. I have one on an angle in the family room. We enlarged the old table top and ..you know the story. I'm thinking of adding a border to the bottom of the cloth. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I thought that lamp looked familiar! So now I cant wait to see what you've done in the living room because we all know if you've taken something out of there, there had to be some rearranging going on to account for that!

    The new look is great! You're right...a lot more balanced! I'm sorry you had to downsize the the table, but it still looks really good, and now you don't have to fuss with the tablecloth. Those tablecloths are pricey, aren't they??! My Grandfather would have laughed and laughed at the price we pay for burlap!!! he was a farmer. I'm sure he would have been tickled pink by the money we're willing to shell out on a lot of things these days...especially the worn and weathered vintage items!

    As usual, you've created a terrific vignette! Enjoy it!

  3. HI Liz, yes the look is great and your corner looks lighter and in better balance. You could even add something opposite the door bell above that print too. Great idea to change out the table for the cloth to hang even all around. I've had to do that with one of mine too. I always enjoy seeing what changes you bring to this corner year round.
    Have fun decorating indoors. Stay warm!!
    Hugs, CM

  4. Love the balance of the two pictures and your added lamps. of course, I am balanced person, so I love the look! Why does burlap have to be expensive? Seems ridiciulous.

  5. Liz I have to admit, I love the new set up, the lamp and the pictures go well with that burlap cloth, and that chair is the perfect amount of contrast to the rather neutral setting..... Love it.

    Oh and tweak it February could catch on... Heheh

  6. Hi Liz,

    What a beautiful lamp! I love its basket weave effect; is it wooden or metal? I don't think the pics are too high; they look perfect! Kudos to you for all your creative tweaking! I've spent the month of February being very lazy, since it has been unusually very cold and snowy here on the island!

    Happy Thursday!



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