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February 23, 2015

Forsythia in Blue and a Mirror with Two!

Well I'm continuing on my "tweaking" adventure and here are two more little tweaks I did. 
I noticed a blogging trend already to post about "spring" inspired decorating so I'm climbing on board, but just a bit!  We won't truly see spring up here until sometime in April unless we have an unusual warm up in March, but I'm craving some color.

I fell in love with these Forsythia branches at HL.  They look so real I was highly impressed!  Forsythia doesn't last terribly long when you cut it plus I don't have any planted in my yard so I'm content to have a "faux" version.

Loving this springtime pop of color!

It's early evening and I had to play with my camera on manual setting to get these pictures.
They ended up a bit grainy as a result.

 This is the camera on an automatic setting- so as you can see I really lightened it up in my other pictures!

Part Two

 Remember my pretty mirror I found at the antique/resale store?   I posted a little bit about it "here".  I plan to do a little makeover in the bedroom but it will be a while yet so I'm just showing this grouping I made with the mirror.

I played around with several ideas- trying to do a wall collage but nothing I had was working so I took these two pictures from the hallway and they seemed to pair up nicely with the mirror.  Previously I had one large mirror hung vertically with the two pictures that are now out by the lamp on the corner table that I posted about  "here.

This pair of Italian countryside pictures came from T.J.'s back around 2010.

So I've relocated a lamp from the living room to the corner table, relocated two pictures from the bedroom to that same table, and now two pictures from the hallway to the bedroom!
This is my kind of fun- shopping my own house and making things work again in a new way!

I've changed the living room (which I added two mirrors from the dining room and put them out there) again but I'm not ready to show it!

I'll be joining
Between Naps on the Porch 

Our Home Away From Home

Ivy and Elephants

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  1. I too love forsythia. It looks great. Bring on spring, y'all! xo

  2. Adding faux forsythia to my list. Yours looks beautiful in the corner!!

  3. Love the forsythia! They really do warm up your room with visions of springtime!

  4. Your Forsythia branches look so pretty and Spring-y I thought our real ones were wanting to bud, before the freeze, but now? Maybe I should go to HL for some of your pretty Forsythia. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Forsythia branches always say, "Spring", to me! Yours look so pretty in the corner! I've used the faux ones from HL on the covered patio before. No one was the wiser! Lol! I think we're all starting to think about Spring now!

  6. I love the forsythia, too. It's so beautiful with your blue. Thanks for inspiring me to bring mine down from an upstairs bedroom. We need to enjoy those colors! Your mirror is very versatile, and it looks good in that spot. I hope your cold and snow will be over sooner rather than later! Brrrr!

  7. It's looking tres fran├žais around your home, Liz, especially with the cheery yellow of the forsythia in that pretty blue vase. The surrounding plate rack stacked with blue and white dishes adds to the effect, which is all charming!


  8. Forsythia...such a sign of Spring...my forsythia bush was covered in ice last week...I should have cut some branches before the ice storm to see if I could force some blooms...Love yours and what a great view from your room!

  9. Liz,
    Soft buttery yellow is my color of choice for Spring 2015!!!
    I adore your faux forsythia branches, dear friend!!!
    Like you, "Mr. Ed" and I are busy making Renewal transitions here on the Prairie!
    I believe using what you have in a new way keeps our decor "fresh"!!!
    I'll be keeping an eye open for an upcoming reveal!!!

  10. It looks beautiful, Liz. What a gorgeous pop of color. The mirror is so pretty!

  11. Everything looks so pretty and the forsythia is stunning. Love the pop of yellow. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  12. Hi Liz! Oh, I just love your beautiful forsythia! I've got to get some of that! It does make a pretty spot with color. Your mirror is so pretty and I like how you've added the two pictures to it. Thanks for popping in and I think we'll be covered up with snow for a long time yet!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Hi Liz, your forsythia is beautiful and the perfect complimentary color to blue. They do look real.
    Love your gorgeous wall with the mirror. Your Italian prints are so nice with it.
    I am ready to tweak the house too, add spring color and change up some rooms.
    We had warm days then we were covered in Ice yesterday. Today it melted and now Wednesday is predicted to be bad again. Well, winter has to have it's say here I suppose.
    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, CM

  14. Liz,
    That pop of yellow looks to pretty and spring like in this cold frigid weather!!

    I too have been having blonde streaked in with the gray. I have had gray in my hair since my 30's. Since I plan on going part time in November, I am looking for ways to cut expenses and this will save $125 every 3 months!!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging words!!


  15. I love the burst of color and the pictures look lovely. Lots of tweaking going on. Spring will soon be here.

  16. Don' t flowers bring a pop of color to any room? The yellow is just the right touch to brighten things up on a wintery day. The mirror looks great with the pictures.

  17. Liz, I love the bright yellow with the blue. One of my favorite color combinations. Your mirror/picture combination is pretty.

  18. You've just gotta love forsythias indoors whether they are real of faux! Such a pretty pop of color in your space Liz. Thank you so much for sharing over at SYS and have a great week!
    XO Barbara

  19. Do those forsythia come in white? I could never go with real too, I need faux in my home! The mirror is lovely, and actually the frame of the pictures matches it well. But I know what you mean about not looking so great, can't wait to see it all come together!


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