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January 28, 2015

Light the Lantern

After being out in the cold all day returning to an inviting table and warm meal can be a reward!

First let's imagine you've had an active outdoor day snowshoeing, cross country skiing or maybe a heavy day running from store to store shopping!
Upon returning home you are pleased that you had already set the table and started a meal in the crock pot earlier that day.  You light the lantern and cozy things up.

 (I used a sticky wax to stand the candles upright on their own)

The lantern reflects remnants of the outdoors- candles that look like birch trees with the delicious smell of pine cones and cedar from some pot pourri I had on hand.
The dinner prepared in the crock pot will replace the lantern along with some hearty biscuits and a dessert to follow.

 Warm earthy tones to reflect the outdoor northwood spirit!

Miniature antlers reminding you of the deer that scamper through the woods around here.

  The bottom layer tablecloth added warmth but needed some separation of pattern so I chose the snowy white woven tablecloth.

Time for a cozy gathering and some reflection of the day's events.

 I will be joining
Between Naps on the Porch

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  1. Very beautiful, Liz. I love the color scheme you chose and the lantern. hugs.

  2. Lovely tablescape to come in from the cold and enjoy. It speaks Winter with that lovely pine cone plate.
    Great way of using your lantern. I know you have lots of snow, however it must be so beautiful at times. Stay warm and cozy.

  3. WAY cool! The "birch tree" candles are something really unique and pretty. I like the way you built the "forest" inside the lantern.

    The way I shop, I burn just as many calories as if I've been cross country skiing! I can really work up an appetite! The serenity of this tablescape would be a welcome sight to treasure upon arriving back home. And a hot slow cooker meal to go with it...perfect!

  4. That is one gorgeous lantern and table! Love!

  5. Oh Liz this is the prettiest lantern I have ever seen. I adore the birch candles too.

    Have a beautiful day!

  6. Very pretty table.

    Very pretty table. I, too, love those birch candles. Very different.

  7. Liz, what a beautiful tablescape! Love the birch candles, the lantern, the layered dishes, colors, napkins--everything! I'd love to come home to this warm, inviting scene.

  8. Beautiful setting Liz. Love your plates and the lantern is so cozy and unique with the birch candles.
    A great table setting like this just makes the meal so much better. You are so talented and always inspire with your creativity.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Stay warm.

  9. Had I known that you were preparing such a beautiful, warm and elegant table and my crosscountry would mean going till the end of your forest/garden ahahah
    So so lovely.
    Don't make me go out... it's PERFECT inside.
    Well done,

  10. I love this table. Your lantern coupled with those wonderful plaid placemats and china makes everything look so inviting and downright cozy. You can almost smell the crockpot dinner in the next room. A job well done (I'll be right over!) Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  11. It sounds so comforting, Liz! I can just imagine the scent of pine around your table. Amazing plates and lantern, and the candles, too. It's 70 degrees here today, so I'm really dreaming of a snowy setting and skiing, returning to your already set table and hot goodness in the crock pot. Love it!

  12. Beautiful table...don't know what I like best...the pine cone plates or the lantern. It's all gorgeous!

  13. You've set the perfect mood for your lovely table Liz!

  14. I love how you decorated your lantern. I have this lantern that was made for a candle, it is awful (very garish and gypsy looking) I still can't image why I ever bought it. We named our sailboat The Gypsy Rose and I was going to put in down in the cabin, but it was just too big and looked terrible. You have given we an idea to tone it down a bit and see if I can give it a more nature woodsy look. I can do anything to it and it would be an improvement, including throwing it in the trash, LOL.
    Your table is lovely, thanks for sharing.
    Connie :)

  15. How beautiful, Liz! I love the lantern and also the lates with the woodsy feel with postale on them....Christine

  16. Liz,
    Oh, I adore the layering of the two tablecloths, dear friend!!!
    The placemats, napkin rings and salad plates are perfection for this Woodland Tablescape!!!
    The candles within the lantern give such a warming invitation!!!
    Now. . .where is that SNOW, 'cause we still haven't seen any here on this side of the Prairie!

  17. Beautiful table, Liz! Please tell me about those pine cone plates, I LOVE them! Perfect for your setting andf all winter! Love the lantern too.


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