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February 13, 2015

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Hubby and I walked through an antique store over the past weekend.  This place is almost like a flea market too in that everything there is sectioned into groupings by different vendors (except the vendor's aren't actually there).  I guess a lot of it is considered vintage and not an antique but either way it's interesting.

 I came across this mirror and was smitten right away. 

I asked the sale's clerks if they knew anything about it but all they could offer was that it may be from the 50's or 60's.  Some parts of it seem new and some old.  Perhaps it is a contrived piece?

 If you were to judge this piece from behind it makes me think it's even older than they thought but no matter what it's age I just liked it and for $25 I decided to go for it.

 The nail (left) that helps attaches the top piece looks very old. 

This week I was visiting several blogs and ran across two posts that had mirrors of a similar nature.

What intrigued me about this mirror is seeing it painted and chippy- it takes on a whole different personality doesn't it!

Then I came across this mirror from the Ivy and Elephants post called "Looking for Love"

I have to admit I didn't have a plan for where my mirror was going to go but at this point I'm going to try it in our bedroom.  I never show our bedroom because it's barely 12' x 12'  and with a king sized bed in there isn't much left to the room!   I have some ugly curtains to remove and it needs an updated painting.  We shall see if someday I am brave enough to show it!


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  1. Beautiful mirror Liz...I would have taken it home with me too!

  2. C'mon, lady! Get brave! I'll bet your bedroom isn't nearly as you describe it! Let's take a peek! It will be OK. Believe me...we ALL have some room in our house that we would love to improve! The rooms I'd like to improve include....ALL OF THEM!!!

    That is a great mirror, and it seems quite popular! I think you got a great deal at $25, and I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it! It would be nice in a bedroom, bathroom, hallway...it's very versatile!

  3. Hi Liz, oh it does look old and vintage. How gorgeous for your home. I would have wanted it too.
    I am sure it will be perfect in your bedroom. Be brave~~ share it!!
    Happy Valentine's Day,

  4. Fabulous mirror! I would have bought it in a minute for that price. Your home is lovely and I'm sure your bedroom is too!

  5. Oh, Liz! I've been looking for a mirror similar to this one and for $25 I would have snatched it up, too!! Lucky Lady! Enjoy decorating with it. My search continues, but isn't that part of the fun of thrifting? Stay warm this weekend.

  6. What a fantastic find Liz. I bet it is going to look fabulous in your bedroom. Be brave and share you bedroom....Happy Valentine's Day to you and Dan. Hugs, Linda

  7. Great find Liz. Your "new" mirror is very pretty! Hope you and Dan had a a nice Valentine's Day.

  8. That's a really good find! I think it might be older than that, too. Whatever its age, it looks great.

  9. Oh I love a good round round mirror! What a great find.
    Have a beautiful day dear one!

  10. Looks like a beauty that will be around for ages and someone will be fighting over in the future!


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