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May 4, 2013

Spring Sprang Swiftly!

Yes, spring sprang upon us swiftly! 
 We went from snow melting to full speed ahead spring! 
Things are popping out of the ground at 
such a fast pace I'm amazed.

A little while back our neighbor Tom had some trees cut 
down because they are diseased as a result of that 
Emerald Ash Borer. 

Tom my husband Dan have been cutting up the trees.  Some of it will be used for our little fire pit.

Tom has been creating a brush pile (very neatly)

They only heated with wood at their home as he grew up, so he learned all about cutting wood early on.

The woods are alive with all sorts of wildflowers
I believe these are called Yellow Trout Lily 
or American Trout Lily 

  Dutchman's Breeches

A type of Cranesbill called 
Cranesbill Carolinianum (Carolina)

I don't have far to walk to walk in the woods, but it's riddled with lots of fallen branches and rotting pieces of old wood so you really have to watch your step!   There is a strong odor of onion in the air.  I didn't spot the plants but it's some kind of Wild Onion, or Wild Garlic.

Viewing the corner of my house and my front island. 
I do nothing with this side of the house because it's so shady and rarely seen.

Out back of our property (a bit messy right now) you can see there is a service road.  There was an active Christmas Tree plantation for many years but they've left the rest of them to grow on their own.  
Once the trees are leafed out the view will be obscured.

Along my footpath to the patio the Brunnera, Jack Frost is growing rapidly.  The Coral Bells are popping out too!
I'm still picking leaves out.  I don't think I'll ever get them all!

The Weeping Larch is always fun to watch come back to life.  

Back inside my Thanksgiving Cactus is blooming again!
I have been so surprised with this plant.  

My tulips and daffodils are growing rapidly I 
expect flowers soon. The magnolia is full of blooms
and I pray we don't get any killing frosts again
that ruin them!
How are your gardens coming along?

I'm joining 
Rose Vignettes for
Fresh-Cut Friday
Fishtail Cottage
Garden Party



  1. I can see that everything is beginning to spring to life where you are. Up here it is a gorgeous spring day and our beds are full of tulips, hyacinths and the last of the daffodils. The leaves are out and the two magnolias are in full bloom. It's like fairyland!

  2. Hi, Liz
    I've been away from blogs for awhile and it's nice to sit with you in your garden once again! It's a gorgeous day;I love it when things spring forward this time of year. My magnolia tree is in full bloom, the daffodils just ending and some of the tulips just starting. The dandelions out front are doing much too well and I did the first round of digging them out today before moving to the backyard and starting the clean-up there. I'm looking forward to seeing the various stages of your garden!

  3. Your property is heaven! Away from all the hustle & bustle and noise. Love weeping trees, and your Larch has such a nice shape.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Hi Liz, thank you for the tour of your property. Spring is blooming and inside, too, with your thanksgiving cactus!! Happy weekend to you! Thank you for your visit. I didn't know that you had another blog!

  5. Hi Liz, Your yard and woods are wonderful, so full of wildflowers! My cactus is blooming right now too! I usually gets blooms on it between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and again around Easter. This year it is a little off, but so are the flowers in my yard! No tulips yet, but lots of daffodils. No azalea or lilacs either! Looking forward to seeing more of your yard! Linda

  6. Hi Liz, It's so nice to see the plants blooming again and the tidy up beginning. I envy the quiet you must have while on your land. Have a great weekend. Chel x

  7. I have one doubled headed daff, and a few anemones popped up, nothing on my lilac bushes yet. :( I love all the wildflowers you have there. xo

  8. Hi I'm visiting for the first time and have fallen in love with your blog..
    I'm looking forward to seeing all of your pretties. hugs, Cherry

  9. Your garden is going to be so gorgeous in a week or two. I can't believe how much you know about wild flowers. I'm impressed! :)

    Thank you so much for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday!

  10. I adore your wildflowers as these are my favorite...we are taking down our ash trees before the borer gets here...it is close...if we wait it will be too dangerous...no doubt it will be here...so sad to lose good trees.

  11. thanks so much for coming over and linking up to the first garden party of 2013 over here at Fishtail Cottage! hope you had a great weekend. i'm enjoying sitting down today to see the posts and loving the native plants to your area you shared! xoxo, tracie

  12. I just can't get over those gorgeous wildflowers. Lucky gal to see all that beauty. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  13. What a lot of work to cut the trees ...lovely wildflowers

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