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May 8, 2013

Prayers for Linda

Today I'm asking for your prayers for my friend Linda.
She's my blog fairy (designer) and a very 
close internet friend.
Linda and Granddaughter Marissa
 Our friendship began in 2009 when we both were doing posts on the HGTV/Rate My Space internet page. 

In 2010 she encouraged me to start blogging and it was at that time I believe she started too.

She's so savvy with computers and she's held my hand 
throughout these past 3 years with my blogging needs and 
is a real blessing to know!

 About 13 years ago, just after she married her love Paul, 
she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.
Linda and Paul 2010

She braved through surgery and chemo therapy and has been a healthy active person ever since. 
Unfortunately she's recently been diagnosed with cancer again and will be undergoing surgery tomorrow Thursday the 9th. 
There will be chemo therapy again and I 
know that is hard to go through. 

Linda (denim skirt) getting down at a Hoedown party showing some dance moves to her friends! 

Please join me with some extra prayers 
and encouragement and let's help Linda get down 
on this cancer once again!

 Here is a link to her blog page

Together we can beat these things!


  1. In my thoughts since I read this twist her life took again.
    Praying with you. For her. And Thank you for doing this post. This is the Linda I want to be praying for - Beautiful, Happy.
    Joining you, on my knees and tears in my eyes.

  2. Just said a prayer for Linda, the doctors treating her, and everyone who loves her. Blessings to you for being such a good friend.

  3. Thank you dear Liz and the wonderful friends in blog land. I am feeling the love and prayers of so many. I am taking one day at a time. A big hug and love to all, Linda

  4. Oh Liz, I have been praying hard and will continue to do so. This is a beautiful heartfelt post. xo

  5. Liz, sorry to hear Linda is having to go through this again...saying a prayer for her full recovery now.

  6. Beautiful post for a beautiful, caring Lady!!!

  7. Oh, Linda is such a beautiful girl, inside and out!! My prayers are going hard for her, so that her surgery is a success. Thank you so much for sharing the updates on Linda, dearest Liz. Lots of love,

  8. It's today, isn't it?!
    Praying and holding her close...
    Have a nice day and let us know if you have sny news.

  9. Prayers are being said for a successful surgery and a complete recovery.

  10. Praying everything goes well for Linda.

  11. My thoughts and prayers go out for Linda....I pray that her surgery and recovery are successful...thanks for letting us know Liz.

  12. You KNOW I'm with you on this one!!!!!! Linda is a sweetheart. She doesn't deserve this.

  13. Just read this, Liz! I am so sorry and will be saying a special prayer for her. I hope the surgery went well today!!

  14. I just saw this post and will send up prayers for Linda's complete recovery. I hope her surgery went well.


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