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May 6, 2013

Going blue and a plate rack!

Good Monday morning!

I've been on the hunt for a plate rack and while doing some searching I found this on sale for 1/2 off.
 I haven't decided if I'm keeping it black but I am good with it for now. 
It's only 9" deep so it fits in my small area nicely.

I've been wanting to try some blue in the kitchen area so I removed my tuscan colored picture.  
These are some dishes I've had stashed called
Devon Cottage by Johnson Brothers

The aluminum platter is something
I've had around for a bit made by
Wendell August
I popped in a couple of glass candlesticks
for some sparkle.

I really like this pattern and the coloring. 

To my surprise my husband was
actually paying attention when I saw this
vase and showed interest in it.  
He went back in on his own and got it for me!   
  I think that's a first!

 I was going to put the blue vase in the nautical family room but I thought I'd try it in the kitchen dinette area first.  
I hunted around the house for something strong to set it on but this is too short.  
I'd really like a corner metal bakers rack or etagere unit, but I may need to wait a while for that.
  I had Dan mount the plate rack off center to leave room for something else on the left but I can move it to be centered too.  What to do, what to do!!
So for now I'm looking at how how to finish the wall space.
 Any sugestions???

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  1. Liz,
    What a gorgeous plate rack, dear friend!!!
    I love your blue & white china display!!!
    Your new blue pottery jar is splendid, kuddos to your hubby!!!
    Had you thought of a collection featuring oval or rectangle serving trays on either side of your shelf?
    Here's to hoping for Spring~like weather and a marvelous week ahead!!!

  2. Hi, I love your plate rack and even like it in black. I've been searching high and low for something like that. Do you mind telling us where you got it? I'm a fan of the blue and white color combo too, and I could see using more of your dishes in a display on either side of the rack. I think it would certainly fill up the wall and making for a striking look. Another possibility is to buy a duplicate plate rack and hang it just a couple of inches from the other. That would be quite bold as well.

    Glad I found your blog.

  3. Nice plate rack and a good size for your space. I actually like the black..at least for now. Had to laugh about your husband and the blue vase. Sounds like my husband. :) Great color on the vase, too.

  4. I love the place rack with all your lovely blue collection,. sweet Liz! Yeah, you made me laugh too..how funny hubby's are and can be so much alike! Right now I like it black, it looks oriental in this color. Big hugs,

  5. The plate rack is wonderful Liz. I'd love to have one. I like the blue too.

  6. Love your new plate rack Liz! It was a great find! Your blue plates look so beautiful in it.

  7. Beautiful collection and the plate rack is divine. Everything looks so pulled together. You could add something on each side of it. Dan did good, getting that blue vase.

  8. I don't believe for a minute that it will stay black. But I know this plate rack will live a very interesting life from now on ahahahaha

    Though it looks amazing in your dinette area. I love it. And I love blue and white...

    Maybe the hubby isn't at fault but this time you stopped enough time on a theme for him to understand he could do this and not return with it and find you changing the theme ahahahaha. How thoughtful and lovely are those episodes that bright our days?!

    You deserve. Now let's wait a few weeks before moving everything... let the man rest from the run he made when returning from the store ;)

    Lovely. Lovely. This is actually a nice suggestion for those mismatched plates we tend to accumulate through the years... oh, the options are endless, but you didn't hear from me :D


  9. Love the plate rack Liz...it is beautiful and what a great deal...and how nice of your hubby to go back and get that gorgeous vase!...The aluminum platter looks terrific among the blue and white!!

  10. I love your collection! I agree with you on keeping it black for now, that blue just pops right out! Thank you too for visiting my craft room Liz! :-)

  11. What a great find, Liz, and the blue and white is so crisp and pretty! That blue vase is stunning - I have a "thing" for pottery with blue glazes. You did a terrific job in pulling everything together!

  12. Prefect fit for your plates and space! I love all things blue and white, and yours are just beautiful.
    Happy Blue Monday.


    1. I am now following your site and invite you to revisit my blog anytime.


  13. Liz, I'm loving your plate rack and also the wonderful blue jar your husband lovingly gave you. It is great when they remember our likes; especially, when we haven't realized they have until there is that great gift. Thanks for sharing the room and the story with us,

  14. I love the pops of blue, and your dishes are simply gorgeous! Your hubby's so sweet to surprise you with the pretty blue vase!
    Have a great day, Liz!
    ~ Wendi

  15. Hmmmm....I'm not getting email notifications anymore. I thought you just hadn't created any new posts lately. I'll go back in and reenter my email address. I think it just kicks it out for some reason sometimes. I don't know....:-(

    The aluminum platter dead center looks FABULOUS!!!!!!! That really makes a statement! Not only does it break up the color a bit, but it has that bit of sparkle needed. I love the display shelf in black. It lends the pieces you display in it a museum quality!

    Right on, Dan!!!! The dude pays attention! He needs to bottle that and distribute it to some other husbands. I'm not sayin' which. (MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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