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April 29, 2013

Anniversary and New Finds

We recently celebrated our 
35th Wedding Anniversary

April 15, 1978

April 15, 2013
Our kids had a lovely cake made up for us
and had it delivered by a local bakery.

We wined and dined at a great restaurant 

The evening came with a pretty sunset.
Overall it was a quiet day we spent by ourselves, but we both felt content and we still can't figure out how 35 years has already gone by!
A week later we spot a for sale/lease sign at our Ethan Allen store.  I knew immediately that it meant they were leaving.  Drat!  It's not that I frequent their store, but  when I do I usually find something to fall in love with.

So being the nosy type I am- I suggested to hubby that we 
should stop in and find out what's going on. They have a store wide sale of 40% off plus their clearance section so we combed it 
over real good.
I spotted this picture and was immediately smitten.  I have never purchased a portrait like this before- I always end up with pictures that are of things, like flowers, architecture, nature, etc.
I thought since this was a bit romantic it might be nice for the bedroom, but when we got home with it Dan suggested we try it above the fireplace.  I "recently posted about a new picture" we just put up there, so this was a jaw dropper idea for me.

I've been fussing with it and working on a good 
look to go with it I'm not sure that I've got it right just yet but for now this is how it looks.
The new lidded marble piece was another sale
item I found.

The frame has great detail and it's nearly 3" thick 
on the sides.

Upon reading the back of the picture I discovered it's called the "Painter's Honeymoon".  
Since it was near our anniversary I suggested we claim it an anniversary gift to ourselves!

  I've taken a step in a different direction with this
picture- and that's a good thing!

 Speaking of new directions. I've ordered a new sofa and accent pillows.  I won't be in for a while but I'm excited!  I managed to sell my big red sofa on Craigslist so I'm happy about that.  

I'll put something together about it soon.

I'm joining 
A Stroll Thru Life 
Inspire Me Tuesday
Our Home Away From Home 
Tuesdays at our Home



  1. Happy 35th! That meal looks so delicious and pretty too :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary to the both you.

    The Painter's Honeymoon is stunning right where it is.
    I wouldn't change a thing.

    Love her dress and his hand holding hers!

  3. When I saw the first pic of the painting I thought you had taken in the store I thought "Oh, I wish Liz had bought the painting. It would suit her home so well!" :)

    And you did. And already put it on place and matched with your gorgeous pieces. I expect that painting will move often around Liz's than it would at Louvre, but that's ok ahahahahah Right now, there, and sharing it in this occasion couldn't look more perfect and beautiful.

    So in love with the look. The painting itself is Dreamy!!!!

    Happy Anniversary and Cheers to 35 years more, Beautiful Souls!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! The painting is gorgeous and I think it looks beautiful where it is! So elegant!

  5. Thanks for stopping by on my blog and for your nice comments. I love your new picture.

  6. Oh Happy Anniversary!!!! Congrats and I hope you have 35 more. I love the picture and it is perfect on the fireplace. I think your vignette is wonderful, it looks so beautiful. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 35 years :) What a wonderful blessing!

    Hugs to you,

  8. The painting is wonderful, Liz. And the marble piece is beautiful. Again, Happy 35th Anniversary. xo

  9. Happy belated anniversary!! Love that gift to yourselves and it looks wonderful over the mantel. What a great sale you discovered, but I know that you will miss the store.

  10. Happy Anniversary! I love the picture and it looks great over the mantel!

  11. Belated Happy Anniversary Liz!!
    I love the picture and how appropriate
    as an anniversary gift to each other.

  12. Happy Anniversary and that picture is just gorgeous!!!...such a wonderful and memorable gift to each other..

  13. Happy 35th Anniversary Liz! Love your anniversary finds! The portrait looks great above your mantel.

  14. Your anniversary is very special between you. Love the new picture. It fits beautifully above the mantel. Special dinner an cake is always a must. Happy anniversary again to my special online friend. Hugs, Linda

  15. Happy Anniversary Liz! How fitting the title of your new painting is! It looks wonderful in its new home!!

  16. Happy Anniversary Liz. You have good taste! You are so lucky to have the EA one. I didn't want to spend the $700 or so on it so I went to art.com and got the print and framed it myself! I have it in our bedroom and wrote about it. Also have a marble piece that is part of the set you have. Love EA so much!! I wrote about it here. you can see the marble piece by the photo of me and my husband.
    So sad to hear an EA is closing up shop.

  17. Oh, we were married in 1978 in September and I hadn't thought about it being our 35th! Thanks for reminding me!

  18. Belated Happy Anniversary! Your painting is just perfect for your anniversary gift..so romantic. It beautiful and looks great above the mantel. Looking forward to seeing your new sofa. Sorry your Ethan Allen is closing.


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