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May 13, 2013

Multifunctional Closet Renovation

I have had this closet targeted for a while for some storage improvement needs.
This is a 3 ft. square closet that abuts the stairwell
going down to the basement level on the other
side of the left wall.  It was the coat closet for the
home but after we remodeled and added another closet 
it turned it into a storage closet which held the leaves
for the dining table, mop, broom, vacuum, cleaning
supplies and even candles!
 I forgot to take a picture before I emptied it all out, 
but you will have to believe me it was packed.
It had the wire shelves meant for clothing in it
but it didn't work that well and there wasn't enough
effective use of space.

So I stacked it all on the dining table because it's very close by, and the leaves for the table ended up in a bedroom closet of spare bedroom.

Holes had to be patched, then a primer paint went up and eventually the paint.  I had 3/4's of a gallon left over from my office we painted a year ago, so I chose that to use. (White Chocolate by Benjamin Moore.)

The next day the brackets went up.  We decided we better build it strong since we aren't sure how heavy the loads may be.  He found a center stud (well actually it's off centered) so he used that for the center rail.

Hooray!  I chose the two top shelves to be 12" deep and the three bottoms to be 16" deep.  They are prefinished and just had to be cut to length.  
 There is an attic access above and I believe the ladder will clear the shelves.  Let's hope because neither 
of us bothered to find out!

Let the loading begin! I'm putting candle holders, vases and cloches in here so I don't have to go to
the basement to retrieve them.

 Now remember it's a multi purpose closet!   
My green crates hold household cleaning products.  I put lightweight things that I could grab easily on the top shelf.  We had some leftover shelving material so I had him cut one to fit the floor so I could easily slide these plastic containers in and out.  Isn't that rag mop gorgeous!  We couldn't find anything better to hold my mop, broom etc., so we re-used what we had.

 The two vacuums get used a lot and they had to stay in here too so they are the last to go in!   Of course now I could change up and use the shelves for other items anytime I want.  I like that the shelves are adjustable and there is plenty of strength to hold whatever I can challenge it with!
 We spent just under $65 in materials.  We saved on paint because we had our on stock pile.

I will be joining BNOTP for
Our Home Away from Home for



  1. Great extra storage and organization. Isn't it a relief when things are neat and tidy?

  2. What a great closet makeover! I wondered where you stored all of your extra accessories, but I have a feeling you still have more downstairs!
    Hope you had an amazing Mother's Day, Liz!
    ~ Wendi

  3. Oh, I so needed this nook in my home... I'd come up to a storage idea - not like yours - but nicely enough.
    Sadly my home lacks storage. I have no idea hoa the people who built it and lived there before us managed their storage... I shudder when I try.
    So not even nooks you could use, you know?!
    Amazing Work, Liz! Congratulations for the view and the helping hands ;)

  4. Oh boy, the Mr. did an awesome job with this closet..I'm impressed and I love it!!! Thanks for sharing the know how, dear Liz. Big hugs,

  5. This is an amazing reconstruction. Not really much to do but the outcome is absolutely great.

    Thank you for sharing once again, Liz. You always give me ideas to let GH do the work, LoL*

    Greetings from D´BoX,
    /CC girl

  6. That looks like the perfect answer to many storage challenges, Liz! Super-smart idea!

  7. Dan has got to be the hardest workin' man in blogland!!!!! :-) Every time we turn around, he's toiling away at a project! And he does such a great job!!! You REALLY need to consider a Rent-a-Husband business!!! :-)

    This closet area turned out GREAT!!! The shelves are not only sturdy, but adjustable which is SO important!!! For the money you invested, you ended up with a storage area worth 10 times that!!! I sure hope that attic door can completely and easily get past those shelves!!! ;-)

  8. Dearest Liz,
    Wow, you too got a handy man for a husband like I do! Your closet turned out fabulous and rightly you chose for sturdy wall hanging.
    Hugs to you,


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