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April 24, 2012


I came across a new candle company
 called Milkhouse Candles with the most 
delicious scented frangrances! 
 I'm a geek for buying scented candles but this one  initially attracted me because of the adorable milk bottle shape it came in! 
(Do any of you remember getting milk at school in bottles shaped like this?
I do and I also remember when the moved off to the paper ones and I knew even then that something unique had been taken away)

These candles are soy based infused with natural beeswax, cotton wicks (no lead) and true fragrances.
I copied this from their web site:
 If you have allergies or know someone with allergies and environmental sensitivities, then you are in the right place. Milkhouse Candle Creamery's rich blend of natural soy wax and pure beeswax is so pure, a whole new world of home fragrance has been opened for people everywhere who have been unable to burn candles in their homes!

(I am not being compensated, I'm just enthusiastic about this product)

I'm impressed with the different glass and crockery styled candle holders they offer.  You not only get a great fragrance but a usable product in the end!

While looking on their web site to see if there was a closer store to where I live to buy their product, I discovered their Facebook page.  Then I discovered a give-a-way that I wanted to share!
The giveaway item is a $50 value!

I wish you could scratch and sniff my picture-
it smells so good!  
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy smells to you!!


  1. What a lovely candle Liz! I love the milk bottle shape. Very pretty. I'm sure it smells wonderful!

  2. Liz, I love the sound of these candles! I also love the old fashioned milk bottle. I will be sure to visit their website. xo

  3. Mmmmmmm.....I love nicely scented candles! The shpae of the container would make me want it more, too!!! That really does look like milk in a bottle!!!

  4. Candles are always a great find. It makes everything smell nice. Cute bottle.

  5. Hi Lizabeth, I just found your blog . . . not really, I found your table-scape blog and it sent me here. I enjoyed reading your profile. I am new to blogging, too, and enjoying every minute of it. I have met so many interesting people through this media. I do enjoy setting a pretty table and I love to entertain. I live in the Pacific Northwest, but was raised in Northern Indiana about 5 miles from the Michigan state line. I'm not positive about the location of your home, but I believe it is way up north near the peninsula. Am I right? I'm a retired activity director with lots of interests, my blog is about art, music, photography, paper crafts, re-purposing, etc. I guess I really can not decide which hat to wear, so I wear them all. I'm just an old dog learning new tricks and enjoying life. I would like to invite you over, and hope that you find my blog worthy of following. Your newest follower, Connie :) Have a great day!

  6. Liz, I'm trying to catchup--how cute is that candle!! I haven't seen anything like that around here, I love giving candles as gifts.

  7. It WASN'T a scratch 'n sniff? No wonder my computer screen has marks on it. ;) LOVE those Milkhouse Candles--I'm a candle freak, too--and will be sure to check their site.


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