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April 12, 2012

Guest Bedroom Dressed Out!

Here is my guest room finally dressed out!
You know decorating a room is like dressing up...you add 
some jewelry, shoes, belts and purses and you 
get your look!  Don't you agree?
 After a long delay from Pottery Barn
who forgot to ship my order 
(and they gave me a shipping refund because of it-Thank-you!)
I finally got this bedroom dressed out!
  I am super happy with the pillows.  The
printed pillow is from Pottery Barn and 
the white shams and bed skirt are from a 
local dept. store called Younkers. I loved 
the edge on them and I got them at a 
fraction of the cost over many other 
choices I looked at.
 The picture frames I had found at
T.J. Maxx but needed a print...so
I scoured art.com and finally settled
on these.  
 They go so well with the
frames!  It was as though they had
been custom made and I'm real 
happy with them!
Next to the bed is a small shaker
style accent table 
(I've had from Ethan Allen for years)
I am still playing around with this.
 I used this planter box to set books in.  
I put the alarm clock/radio on the books 
to help blend it in a bit. (It has a pull out on the
side so you can charge your iPhone or iPad-but it's very modern)
If I keep this planter box in the room I 
want to lighten it's color up a bit.  I want 
to live with it a bit before I make any 
changes.  I am looking for a small but 
larger table than what I have since this 
little shaker piece is very limited in it's use.
 The books are a collection I've
recently acquired from my Aunt's home.
She's living in assisted living now and
sold her home.  These were going to be
donated so I shuffled through the pile
and selected these.  Perhaps a guest 
will enjoy reading some!
To the left of the bed is the dresser.
 I brought in the "nest" jar that was
on a table near the kitchen to see if
it would work in here (still not sold)...the tray 
and the mercury glass carafe were found
at T.J. Maxx and the small vase is
a mark down from Pottery Barn.
I'll use the vase to put fresh flowers
in when guests are staying!
Looking across the room you can see 
the night stand in the corner with 
my new lamp and birdcage I got
while visiting downstate recently.
 The lamp is from Kirkland's but
I swapped the shade out with my
white one to keep the crisp white
look going. 
The bird cage is from Home Goods 
and I used a candle holder to 
set the bird on that I got at a
garden center and I added moss to 
dress it out.  The cat was some added
whimsy (hubby picked out) from
the same garden center!
 In the corner is the large armoire
that I dressed the top up
with some new finds.
The candle holders came as a set of
three but it was too much up there,
so I used the other one to be a stand for 
the bird in the bird cage.
The vase was a Pottery Barn find
on mark down.  
The picture is a find from Home Goods
and the small latched box is from 
 This basket was from Kirkland's 
and I grabbed it up thinking of a
few different ideas I could use it for.
 I got it in my head to use it for a
trash container but since it was so open
I went looking for a solid piece that I 
could stick inside. I found this container
at Bed Bath and Beyond.  It would also
look awesome with tall flowers in it!
(Ignore the ugly carpet....that's going to be replaced)
The bed turned out the way I wanted.
After a few tries this layout with the 
pillows won!
I'm in pursuit of a throw or quilt
for the end of the bed.
 I have to pay homage to my 
Jiffy Steamer (J2000)....this baby is
a best friend!  I was able to relax the wrinkles in the duvet cover and I used it on the bed skirt and curtains!  I can't say enough good about owning this...I use it often in the laundry room to fix wrinkles in clothing! My husband was super impressed with 
this unit because it is a U.S. made product and it has a complete manual with all the parts broken out and itemized in case you need a replacement part.  
It's very well made and I don't expect I'll need any parts, 
but it's a good thing to know it can be repaired
and won't end up in the landfill someday 
just because it was a cheap import that
had no support.
Overall the room ended up with a blend of 
white, blue/greens and the soft yellow walls.
I worked at keeping the bedroom furniture 
in mind while choosing the "dressings" for 
this room!  It's easy to get sidetracked!

I hope you like it and I always love
to hear your comments!


  1. Liz, your guest bedroom looks wonderful all dressed out and accessorized! I love the pillow shams...they are so soft and pretty. I love the little silver tray on the dresser, too. Have always wanted one of those steamers, but never got around to ordering one!

  2. Liz it turned out very soft and serene. The accent pillows and all of the birds look just right. You did a wonderful job on every detail.

    I need a steamer. How neat!

  3. Your guest room is beautiful. Your guest(s) will certainly have very pleasant dreams. I love the bird cage. xo

  4. Liz, you did great on this! Love it all!

  5. I am now so jealous of you that I am just going to hold my breath until I pass out....................................................................................................................................................................OK....that's about as long as I could go. But you get my message! :-) This looks absolutely fantastic, Miss Liz! Your perserverence paid off! The bed looks like something in a magazine, and you did such a wonderful job of dressing the top of the armoire. I am super, super impressed by the prints! Go, girl!!! I love what you did with the trash bin, too!!! I need a steamer in the worst kind of way. I had one when I had my previous business, but I sold it when I retired. The one you have looks really sturdy and you have given it the Decorator Liz stamp of approval, so that may have to go on my list. Love that it was made in the good ol' U.S. of A.! It's nice to see where I'll be sleeping when I come to visit! ;-) Have a great night, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  6. I'd book a night here any time! Love the BLUE, the birds, the furniture, the accessories...simply lovely.

  7. What a pretty and serene room. Love the soft colors of the bedding. Your guests will never want to leave!

  8. Your room is gorgeous. I love your colors and all of your bedding and accessories are so pretty. Great art also. You have created such a lovely and inviting room. Hugs, Marty

  9. Love the softness of the room. The lamps are wonderful. The bedding is a soothing color. Love the bird accessories.

  10. Liz, the guest room looks beautiful! The colors are so soft and calming, perfect for sleeping. I love all the new things around the room, the "dressings" as you said!
    I do plan to take some bushes with me when we move, I do want to take a piece of this place. We have beeen here so long it is strange to wrap mu head around NOT being here. Have a beautiful weekend. XO, Pinky

  11. The bedding is so pretty!! I love how it turned out and i love the birdcage.

  12. I have the same lamp and it just broke im so upset about itdo you know the name of it?

    1. The white lamps are from Pier 1 and the yellow/blue olne was from Kirklands. They are a year old so I doubt they sell them any longer although Ebay is worth checking out.

  13. Thanks for the response I will check ebay.

    1. I can't e-mail you because your email doesn't show up- but I found this lamp at One King's Lane and thought it had a similar look to the one from Kirklands...


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