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April 2, 2012

How hard do you try?

How hard do you try to find things when 
you embark on a new design process?

I used to run to them mall and look at 
what I could find, grab it, rush home 
with it, put it in it's place and live with it.
Now because of the internet I have an 
endless amount of resources but I
often confuse myself with too many
choices, thoughts, ideas, concepts....

Last week I posted about the guest bedroom
that I am making over.
This was a set from Penney's I considered

I briefly considered this look but it
was not in keeping with my 

I considered this look from 
Soft Surroundings 
but their pricing scared me....

I do love their fabrics and the aqua seems 
to be something I am drawn to this year....

That led me to look for less expensive quilts
to try and create a similar look..
I found this set and was pleased with the 
fancy edge trim and that it was less money.

My sister saw the lamps I got from Pier 1 
and suggested Hollywood Glam so I 
veered off looking for something that 
would work.   Grays and yellows are in
too!  I found this at Macys....
I like it, but again I was drifting 
off course...
Remember I have the three picture frames 
with the bluish/green coloring and I was 
trying to use them so....

While having my coffee and browsing 
through the Pottery Barn catalog I was 
struck by this set and the coloring...
and this....
and this!
I loved these pillows so much that I was 
ordering them as fast as I could get 
on my computer!
The picture frames are up 
(waiting for the prints I ordered)
 and I put up some curtains...I also 
ordered another set from JCPenney's 
that I am waiting on just because these 
curtains are a bit bluer than I 
anticipated going with.  

I am still waiting for the Pottery Barn
 items to come so I can't make a firm 
decision until then. 

The yellow glass lamp is a carry over 
from the bedroom before I started this 
update.  I may have to replace it too, but 
my cheap-o-meter is going off!
Soooo.... I'm still waiting to get this

Inspiration comes from many
places....even if I end up with a different 
look, there might be one design element 
that inspired the whole thing!
Now I wish I had bought the 
bird cage at T.J. Maxx that
I passed up a month ago!

It will all happen and I will be happy


  1. Liz, I am looking at those very Pottery Barn linens for my guest room! I saw them in the store and they were beautiful--soft too and I think maybe from their organic line--can't remember for sure. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. Linda

  2. Looking forward to your final reveal, Liz. I think it's pretty normal to go back and forth on a design direction, but the important thing is that you don't settle for 'good enough' and create a room that you absolutely love. You're taking the time to find the perfect items for your room, and it shows!
    ~ Wendi ~

  3. So funny Liz...I do the same thing. One thing leads to another and an idea sends you off in different directions. I, for one, LOVE shopping on the internet!

  4. You have exercised a great deal of patience through this whole redecorating process that I couldn't muster up with a gun to my head. I commend you a hundred times over!!! I'm surprised you could narrow it down EVER with such an array of wonderful choices available. I think that's where I ultmiately get hung up. I want to buy it ALL!!! You're still waiting on that PB order? Hmmmm...they need to get on the ball! You, on the other hand, are not only ON the ball but spinnin' it like a Harlem Globetrotter!!! :-)

  5. It's easy to get confused. There are so many design options and sometimes we like too many. I am sure your final design will be absolutely beautiful.

  6. I see you have been busy!!! Decisions decisions!!! Hope you get it all together soon and can enjoy seeing it every time you pass by!!

  7. So many choices... I love the aqua one they are gorgeous Liz ...
    Hope you will enjoy a visit to see beauty of spring @
    With love

  8. I like your ideas and am looking forward to seeing what happens.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement at the Back Porch. I agree about the cookies. I've done all kinds of things to "fix it" and am going to just let it go. I'd rather be out in the yard anyway, rather than worry about blog mishaps.:-)

  9. I can't wait to see it already Liz!


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