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April 16, 2012

Connecticut connection!

Well, I went looking for a night stand at a local re-sale/consignment shop called 
Classic Consignment
Of course I had to find something!  
The coloring is what struck me for my
guest room- it's a blue/green shade
that I hoped would work with the new
colors in the guest room.
 It's a piece made by  
L. Hitchcock in Hitchcocksville, CT
(I guess they changed the name of the town to Riverton)
I've never purchased 2nd hand furniture
(I know-I'm terrible) 
It's a bit colonial in styling but I hoped 
it would lend a little eclectic nature
to the room!
It has some age showing with some paint
worn and a few small marks on it, but all
the stenciling is perfect and it has the 
original handles that have an eagle on them.
I believe it's known as the "Harvest" design.
The drawers have a printed finish inside
of them like a newspaper article
The drawers have dovetail joints and
are made of solid wood with the exception
of the bottom of the drawer which is a type
of particle board.  
I took the drawer out and flipped it over
and it has 10-1 on the bottom.... now I'm 
imagining it was made in 10- of 2001??
Darn...thought maybe it was from the
50's!!  Well I paid $125 for it so I think
I did okay- especially when I look at
the cost of quality furniture and or the
cheaper imports.  It's a solid little piece
and none of the wood has cracked or

I tried to learn a bit about the history
of the company and what the age
of my piece is, but it's very confusing
to say the least.
I wrote to Scott at 
who has an incredible amount of this 
brand of furniture that he sells.
He says it could have been built anywhere
from the late 1950's through 2006.

Hitchcock furniture closed in 2006-
Another company that was unable to
compete with the demand for low prices
because of competition with the 
overseas manufacturers.

One of the things this company was 
known for was the stenciling. It was 
more affordable than hand painting
the designs.

 Their chairs are probably the best known
and most familiar to people.  The 
originator of the company started back 
in 1825 with only chairs.  

So that's my show and tell!

Hope you enjoyed and let me know
what you think of it!
Please join me and others for
Table Top Tuesday
with Marty at A Stroll Thru Life


  1. Thanks for the Show and Tell Liz. Your little table is very cute and very interesting!I love how the drawer is lined. Hope you had a good weekend!

  2. This is a beautiful piece, Liz. The height is perfect for a night stand. I love the painted details and the wonderful drawer liner.

  3. I think the worn paint and small marks are what give a piece of furniture character! I look for furniture with dings already in it!!! It's a shame that the furniture company had to close. I just don't understand why - especially with our country in such dire straits - the practice of buying from overseas manufacturers is still so common. There has GOT to be a way we can compete without selling out our own people!!!!! Anyway....enough of that. Beautiful table!

  4. Hi lovely lady.
    Your night table looks beautiful next to your bed!! I also love the painted details looks like furniture from Paris.
    I hope you are having a wonderful week.
    XXOO Diane

  5. Hi Liz, I live in CT. and Hitchcock furniture is highly collectible here. It was made in Riverton, CT. I think you did very well on the price for all the stenciling. The newspaper inside the drawer is the Hartford Courant which is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the US.

  6. Thank-you Margot for stopping by and commenting. I couldn't write you back because there was no email to reply- to but I am glad to learn about this furniture and the company that it came from.

  7. Oh sweet Liz, this piece is lovely. I love all the decorating on it. When I arrived here in 1975 after I got married in the US, my Mil had a place with one of my Bils, where they decorated furniture and had artists working there and they looked a lot like yours. I love it! Thank you for your wonderful and nice comments on my two posts. Have a wonderful and blessed week, lovely lady.

  8. You found a beautiful treasure and not a bad price too!!! A piece of American history and highly prized. The stenciling is actually done with fine gold powder on varnish. It is lovely next to the bed....enjoy!!!

  9. What a beautiful treasure you found Liz. I love the stenciling and it looks perfect.

  10. What ever her age, she's a beautiful table, Liz!


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