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April 14, 2012

Anniversary in Orange

Yep 34 years....
 where did the time go?   

Dan did well, and brought me a surprise of long stemmed roses in a beautiful shade of orange.  He said the ladies at the store were helping him decide on the color of the roses to go with, and they steered him away from the traditional red.  He chose well! These are lovely and smell wonderful!  
Forgive my indulgence but I'm posting a bunch of pictures of them!  The color is refreshing!
I took various shots to show off the color variations...
Orange to a soft pink!
I took pictures last night and posted some
on my other blog
This one is like orange sherbet! 
When Dan was in the florist shop the delivery truck came with their fresh order of flowers and he got to see how the roses come in!  He was telling me how they are boxed and I said- one of my blogging friends posted about her brother-in-law's rose farm, so I showed him the link and he said "yes" that's just how they came!!
I'm including a link to Fabby's Living to the post she did about the rose farm.
Wouldn't that be something if they actually came from there!!  
Have a great weekend!  I am watching specials they've been showing about Titanic since it's the 100th year since it sank.  Unfortunately it is the same day as our anniversary (along with tax day) but hey, we just thought April 15th sounded like a nice day- and it was!
It was a sunny spring day and everything turned out great!  We're a little older now and not exactly built the way we used to be, but we're still kicking!!
 April 15, 1978
The photographer came by and knocked
on the trunk and we all turned real quick!
That's my Dad's big Lincoln Continental Mark IV
That thing had a 40 ft. front end on it I swear!
Big V8 and boy could she go!!
 Of course it got about 12 miles to the gallon...but...it was fun!

Thanks for visiting!  


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!! I love the pic of you two, how cute is that. Beautiful roses. He did good. Hugs, Marty

  2. Happy Anniversary dear Liz and hubby, may God bless you both and grant you another 35 years more! Your roses are gorgeous, wish I knew where they came from too. Thanks for the link on my Bi'ls on Altaflor Rose Farm. Congrats and enjoy your Anniversary weekend.

  3. Beautiful flowers time sure flies doesnt it!! Happy anniversary

  4. Husbands can never go wrong with roses, can they? Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary. Hubby did a good job of picking the roses. They are beautiful.

  6. Liz
    Happy Anniversary!
    You are such a cute couple!
    Those orange roses are the prettiest
    ones I've seen.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Dan did do good!
    Those roses are gorgeous! Print off a pic and frame it.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful roses. Thanks for sharing,may you have 34 more .Joann

  9. Happy Anniversary and I think Dan made an excellent choice, not only in chosing the orange roses, but chosing you to be his bride. :) The roses are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. I love that last picture so much I just can't stand it!!!! That is so GREAT!!! So classic!!! Congratulations on 34 years of wedded bliss! You and I, of course, are forever tied in that it falls right in with Jimmo's birthday. Get used to me, sister! :-) Happy Anniversary, Liz!!!


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